May 19, 2011

It's Potty Time, You Can Do It I Know... [Later]

C is in the age to be potty trained now.
He tells me now whenever he went for #2 (not yet for #1)
but it's always AFTER he went.
I think it's a good sign that he's almost ready to be potty trained.
Even so, feel like holding off until he's around 2 ½ years old.
I just feel like it might backfire once the baby comes.
Anyway, all experienced potty trainers out there who are reading
this blog, I need some input on some "tricks"
on how to potty train toddlers - especially BOYS.
I heard girls are always easier.
I've heard about cheerios, m&m's, stickers,
changing into an underwear completely for the day, etc.
Are there any tricks that worked for you?
I know every kid is different but it would help a lot if I can
get some ideas before I start this thing.

I might as well sing and dance to this when I start him in December:

I love this video because the song is just so upbeat
and I love Elmo's dad's southern accent.

This morning C wasn't feeling good.
He woke up in the middle of the night screaming with his eyes closed
(maybe that's not waking up but more like "sleep screaming"),
his face buried on his bed and he was curled up a bit.
It seemed like he wanted to throw up for a moment but he didn't go.
Then he went back to sleep as I rubbed his back.

When the sun was out and he was ready to play,
he didn't want to play for longer than 2 minutes by himself.
He wanted to cuddle with me instead.
He'd whisper, "daddy mommy" all the time,
which is what he always does when he's sad or in a bad mood.
So I cuddled with him. 'Til he fell asleep.
Right this moment he's sleeping in our bedroom because
he didn't want me to leave his side when he was falling asleep.
I hope he gets better soon.
He's still fun and all but he just feels so weak.

(PS. What are some nice toddler soups/meals when they are sick?)


  1. I'm sorry Caleb is sick. That stinks. I don't have any advice but if you need anything let me know!

  2. I hope he feels better.Let me know once you've done potty training I am in desperate needs of some tips.

    Potato soup is really good,cheese and broccoli he might like a lot.

  3. That sounds like a good idea to wait on the potty training till after the baby comes, unless he just runs to the toilet himslef, ha ha! :) My advice is to wait until they are really ready! No rush:)
    Since he's sick, maybe he'll like applesauce or fruit popsicles. Does he like scrambled eggs and toast? Give him a kiss:)

  4. Hi Lois,

    I would use all of the things you wrote about like the stickers/treats, etc. What really worked for Zeke was having a jar of jelly beans or M&Ms (you could use any candy)on the shelf in the bathroom. When he would go, or at least attempt it, he would get one candy. He was very motivated by this. Also, we never did pull-ups with him because it still seemed like a diaper. However, I know for some people they work. We just figured we'd go full steam ahead. We did put a diaper on him at night for a while until he was waking up with the diaper dry, removing it himself in the morning and then using the potty. That took a few months. Overall though, I think the biggest thing that worked was taking his lead. I had tried to train him right at 2 and that was a disaster. However, we kept all of the character underwear and potty seat around and eventually (at around 2 1/2) he pretty much just expressed wanting to use them so we went ahead and things went so much more smoothly. I think when they are ready and motivated it is a much easier process. At least with Zeke anyway because when he feels pushed into something he just becomes resistant and doesn't want to cooperate, but when he really wants to do something he really does it well (for the most part :) ). Also, we didn't use a potty seat all that much, but instead bought a toilet seat lid that attaches to your regular toilet, but has two different sized openings and Zeke seemed to respond much better to using the regular potty. It was about $30 at Walmart. One last thing, which I probably should not be writing down in public :) ...Johnny and Zeke like to have "sword fights" with their pee stream at the same time. It really worked in the beginning and still is working to this day :). Well, this is my two cents on the matter of potty training a boy. Good luck with it! Also, thanks for the birthday card. I liked the cute picture of you three :).

  5. I hope Caleb gets to feeling better. As for potty training....I'd wait until he's closer to 3. For Jake I bought him disney character underwear. Then I put him in the underwear and told him he will go in the toilet from now on. Mostly I just took him to the bathroom once every our and after 3 or 4 days of that he would tell me when he needed to go because he got used to just going in the toilet. I potty trained him when he was 2 years and 10 months old.
    My friend has 2 boys and she said potty training her boys was pretty easy: she bought a gumball machine and filled it with gumballs and then whenever her son went in the toilet she gave him a penny (or nickel or whatever it was the gumball machine needed) and then he could get a gumball. She said it worked great for both boys. Good luck with the potty training!


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