May 04, 2011

Puzzles and Analogy

I've had this post in "draft" for sometime now because
I was waiting to catch some photos to include in this post.
Credits to my obedient little sweet guy, C, who had lots of patience with me
whenever I told him to "pause" and "hold that position."
He did "hold it" when I told him to...
for letting me tell him to put the wrong shape at the wrong hole
(he has his shape sorter figured out already).
Oh, and for letting me give him the wrong piece in his puzzle
and put it in the wrong place even though it was confusing to him
because I was asking him to put it at the wrong spot
(he knows his puzzle now).
All these troubles just so I could take the pictures I wanted. Hehe!
You're such a big sport, C! :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love playing with C in the daytime.
He loves to play with his "mind games" like his 12-piece puzzle,
shape sorter, alphabet blocks, etc.

One day, months ago when he was still learning the concept of his shape sorters,
he got a little bit upset
because he couldn't put most of the shapes inside the ball
(it was the classic Tupperware Shape-o Ball toy).
He looked at me as if he was asking for my help, so I did.
He was happy when "we" finally finished it.

And then there was another day when he finally had
the interest to play with his 12-piece trucks puzzle.
It was one of the very first time he had any interest in playing with it.
But he couldn't figure out which pieces go together.
Again, he asked me to help him and I did.
When we finally finished the whole puzzle, he exclaimed,
"Oooh... trrruuucccckkk!!!!"
He was happy to see the drawings of the trucks that he saw
from putting his puzzle together - with me.

Recently, I wanted for some certain things in my life
to happen the way I wanted them to or the way I wished it could.
But because of some circumstances, they couldn't... or at least not yet.
As I watched C in those first few days that he was
playing with his "mind games," I had an analogy pop up in my head.

I may see a sector shape and try to put it inside a triangle hole,

or I may see a hexagon and try to put it in a pentagon hole

and I may get upset because it doesn't work out the way
I 'thought' it should. 
In other words, I may get upset when certain things in my life
don't work out the way I want them to.
But if I only take the time to kneel down and ask for His help,
the One who knows the situation better than I do & Who knows how
to solve it and what to do, just like how C asked me,
I will be able to know what to do that is in accordance to His will 
just like how C was able to figure out his shape sorter with my help.
It will work out.
I just need to know if my will (my shapes)
is in accordance to His will (the holes in the ball)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are some situations in life that I am clueless about 
and I don't know why we had to go through it,
either as an individual or as a family.
Sometimes I get so impatient
especially when it comes to wanting to know
why things has to happen in a certain way
and wanting impatiently to know how it would turn out in the end.
I can only see a piece of the puzzle.

But if I take that piece of puzzle (or piece of experience in life) and ask
His help so I may know what to do with what I am given,
according to what His plans are for me,
I will be able to figure it out, and I will see the bigger picture.

It is indeed a beautiful plan from Him.
Much more beautiful than that piece I saw (certain experiences)
before I asked for His help.
Receiving His help - and aligning my will with His -
will give me a better perspective about
the "pieces" of both the trials and joy that I have experienced,
am experiencing, and will experience in life
because in the long run I know that through those pieces,
I will be able to have a better and bigger "picture" someday.
It may or may not be during this earth life,
but it definitely will be sometime after.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometimes, I complain about things more often than I need NOT to,
and I forget to be thankful for what I have.
I can only see a missing piece in the puzzle.

But if I put His will first all the time, and obey Him,
I will be given the piece I need (blessings) to fill the holes in my life.

I cannot do things on my own.
Just like C's experiences with his puzzles and shapes,
there are things in life that I "think" should work out the way it should,
the way it has to, or the way I want them to.
But, just like the way I was with C's situation
(who knew when was doing it wrong and when he's right),
the Lord knows things much much much better than I do.
He knows what needs to be done.
All I need to do is ask Him, obey Him, and have faith.
Things will eventually work out
according to His own plans and timetable.

"For the brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin,
Remove - and it was removed.
And if he had not had faith it would not have moved; 
wherefore [Thou] workest after men have faith."
(Ether 12:30)

"Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that
the Lord is able to do all things according to His will,
for the children of men,
if it so be that they exercise faith in Him?
Wherefore, let us be faithful to Him."
(1 Nephi 7)


  1. Such a great post, Lois! What a wonderful analogy. Love your visual aids too:)

  2. I can say you were inspired to write this because it feels that way - inspiring. The pictures added meaning and feeling. You and Caleb are good partners! :) Thank you to you both for the inspiring moment. :)


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