May 15, 2011

Sweet melody

I was getting frustrated with a lot of things lately that
it makes me get angry at little things very easily.
But C is such a sweetheart.
His lips were smudged with some strawberry-banana milk shake
when he gave me a smile.
Then this song played in our laptop - right in the middle of when things
became really quiet... when all I could hear was the ticking of our wall clock.
It was like the Spirit was telling me not to forget
what I've always wanted growing up.
And my frustration, selfishness, and bad temper could ruin that.
It still makes me cry right up to this point.
Right away, I felt so bad for getting frustrated at things easily.
I gave my little buddy a hug and told him I love him.

(I can't let C see me with tears because, seriously, he bawls!
It's like he was the one who got hurt. It's funny.)


  1. Oh Caleb is such as sweetheart indeed.He truly does loves you. I hear you some days are just not as good as the others. But don't you just love being a Mother being reminded to always be better because you have a child that looks up to you.

  2. What a tenderhearted little guy, and mommy:)

  3. i totally know how u feel. i feel like i keep getting frustrated easily and it makes me mad. (i bet the pregnancy hormones are not helping). its funny how i can be so mad at one moment and so happy and grateful the next moment.


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