June 20, 2011

C Dear

C just celebrated his birthday.
At his age now, his favorite things are wooden puzzles.
He just graduated from a 12-piece puzzle,

and I bought him a 24-piece puzzle to see if he can do it.

I bought him a "set of 4" Melissa and Doug 12-piece puzzle last month after he
basically can pretty much do his first 12-piece puzzle on his own
in less than 3 minutes 

.. but the month wasn't even over yet and he could
already figure out all 5 puzzles (including the new 4 ones) on his own
- again in less than 3 minutes each.
So I guess he's ready for a 24-piece puzzle.

He also has the classic tupperware Shape-O Ball toy,
a shape sorter toy thing, that he likes to play with.
He will really look for the right "slot" for each shape,
and if it is wrong, he will look for another one.
He can figure it out on his own but he loves it when we help him.

He now knows his English alphabet - actually since he was 21 months old.
He can sing/say them in order, and tell you
which letter you just drew for him.

He loves to count.
He learned to count from 1-10 when he was 20 months old.
Now he's learning to count to 20.
He can count from 1-15 and then jumps to 18, 19, 20.

He loves his colors.
He figured out his colors last month.
He knows red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, brown,
black, white, and grey.
Sometimes he gets confused between red and blue, though.
And he still can't answer the question, "What color is _____?"
even though he knows some of the colors.

He loves to swim.
He'd just jump into the pool without any fear at all,
and then rise up to the surface on his own.
Sometimes he wants to "swim" on his own too.

He loves to watch animated movies,
especially Toy Story and Cars.
Once in a while I let him watch some videos on Netflix like
Blues Clues, & Thomas and Friends.
Sometimes he watches the Youtube playlist that I made for him
that's just full of nursery things like the alphabet, shapes, numbers, & colors.
That's basically how he learned his alphabet (from A-Z) at a young age.

He loves trains, cars, school bus, trucks - anything with wheels!
He had a blast when we visited Travel Town in L.A.
during the Memorial Day weekend.
He loved looking at all the big, old trains.

He is pretty much starting to talk a lot more,
& expresses himself more verbally.
He is in the imitating phase where he basically just says
anything we say - like a cute echo!
So, yeah, we are more cautious about what we speak now
than we ever did (although we have always tried).
He loves to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star",
"Baa Baa Black Sheep,"
"Itsy Bitsy Spider,"
"Alphabet Song,"
"I am A Child of God,"
and other songs he has on his Youtube playlist
although he hasn't gotten to sing them verbatim just yet.
All in all he is our happy little fella.


  1. Happy birthday Caleb.love you.Your momma and daddy are so proud of you.I wish we live closer so you and Darren can be buddies and playmates,someday maybe.

    Tita Sam

  2. He's a smarty, that's for sure, like all of my grandchildren!:) Nice, thorough update on his growth.

  3. yes i totally agree...hes super smart! =) dang! go caleb and go lois! and of course go jesse too!

  4. You and Jesse are doing a very good job as parents of Caleb! He is very lucky! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CALEB!!! You are such a smart cute happy boy!!! We love you!!!


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