June 09, 2011

I Got By With A LOT of Help....

Today was kind of an interesting day and I just want to write it down so I can write it down in my journal once I catch up again (I'm more than a month behind).

I signed up for babysitting in my ward at our Church here in our area BEFORE I got pregnant in hopes that I can somehow help my husband earn some income. A few weeks ago a sister from our ward emailed me asking if I wanted to do babysitting for her, 3 consecutive days a week from 7:30am-4:30pm for three weeks. I was like, "sure"  (because I could still move around freely those days even though I had my baby bump already). I figured I would be done by June which would be my "uncomfortable" month to move around belly-wise. But then she got back to me asap and told me that she didn't need me to babysit for her anymore which I totally understood.

Then yesterday morning, I opened my email and BAM! There she was again - a last minute favor to babysit for her (today and tomorrow). Unfortunately I have something coming up tomorrow but I agreed to babysit for her today because I felt bad saying no. She just seemed like she needed someone to look after her kids. Anyway, I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, though, because I have been really uncomfortable moving around lately. I didn't think she'd want me to be her permanent babysitter (knowing that I'm pregnant) so I didn't charge her (she was asking how much I want to charge her).

It was a good learning experience. Ever since the kids (3 and 5 y.o.) got out of their car, I've been wondering how my stay-at-home sister-in-law ever did it when she was pregnant with their 4th child.. or any other parent for that matter. I guess what made it kind of "stressful" for me was the fact that I didn't have it slowly, it wasn't like an additional child in our family every year or so - it was BOOM! Here you go with two more kids TODAY (making it three if you count my son)! And that freaked me out, I guess. Plus, I am very much inexperienced taking care of children older than 2 years old. Sure, I taught the primary (ages 4-7 y.o.) in Hawai'i but it was only for an hour. This day was different, it was longer than 1 hour. 

Well, I'm glad to say that I didn't just do it alone. My very good friend (and the bombest.com person ever) Erin helped me out. The older child was asking for a videogame as soon as he walked into our door earlier this morning - and we didn't have any. We don't even have cable to have them watch something and I didn't want to let them spend the whole day watching movies. I figured they might get bored being stuck in our little condo. So I let them play a little while with my son's toys (it's pretty cool how creative kids can get with their imaginations) while I asked Erin if she could help me take the kids to the park. Luckily, she said yes. I didn't have the kids' car seats so we had to walk ... under the hot sunlight ... before lunchtime... only to get there and they didn't want to play much. Well at least we tried. It was a good thing I had a stroller and a little bike so at least only one of the three kids had to walk (they all took turns walking). 

I felt like I was going to pass out on our walk home from the park (it was darn too far to walk and too hot). Erin was really so nice to me when we got home. I thought she was going to go home as soon as she helped me take the kids back to my home. But she stayed with me and did so much in helping me feed the children some lunch. Now I know it can really get frantic when you have more than 2 kids. I almost always forgot about my own son ... and I always forgot what I was about to do and for who. My mind was occupied with different things (and being pregnant doesn't help remembering things either) while the children asked for this and that at the same time. Other than the mealtimes (I also served them breakfast this morning from our own stash because all they had packed for them was their food for lunch), everything else was better (though not mellow) because they were just content playing with each other. My son was kind of left out all the time, though, but that's okay. He's still trying to learn some social skills because he mostly spends his days just with me. I did encourage him every now and then to join the other two children in their "pretend-play." I guess their pretend-play is far too advanced for him and he still couldn't talk in a complete sentence which made it harder for him to play with them.

I tried to put them down for a nap, all three of them. But the siblings just wouldn't go to bed. The little girl (3 y.o.) was really tired but her older brother kept playing with her in our bedroom so she couldn't sleep. We (Erin and I) waited and tried quite a few times to let them take a nap but it was just hard because the older brother just wouldn't take a nap. So I decided to stay with them in our bedroom (I was exhausted too) and Erin went home to take a nap. It wasn't long 'til I snoozed a little bit and the little girl fell asleep (they behaved the whole time I was there). The two boys (the older brother and my son) didn't take a nap, though. C RARELY doesn't go down for a nap by himself. Today was one of those days. 

Their mom picked them up an hour earlier than she said she would which is always a good thing. I had to wake up the little girl from her nap, though. I cleaned up our little condo (a place where it looked like a tornado just passed by) before Jesse came home and it reminded me of the post (a joke) I had earlier about stay-home moms. All in all, they were nice children with great imaginations and I learned a lot from them today - especially on how it MIGHT (because not every family is the same) look like for me someday.


  1. Good job way to go momma!I remember when I babysat Ate Luz's kid Kayla and Justine and it was a nightmare cause Justine wouldn't stop crying.To top it of I was almost due.Oh what a crazy life.Looking back it was quite a teaching moment. Caleb is such a good boy.Darren is the same thing he likes to do things on his own and let other kids play together.

  2. LOL! I was telling Travis I'm totally not ready for 3 kids when he came home. What a crazy day! Glad I could help out a little though, see you tomorrow for fun shopping time!!

  3. I'm glad you made it through the day, the hardest time to be a mom (in my opinion) is during preganancy. You are such a great mom, Caleb is so cute, I only wish we got to see him, and you guys, more often.

  4. I know it was a crazy day for you, but this post had me laughing Lois:)
    I'm glad your friend Erin was there to help you.
    When I helped Summer it made me realize(once again) that moms definitely have one of the hardest (if not the hardest) jobs around, but also the most important, which reaps great rewards!

  5. Thank you, Erin, for your help. You are a great mom, Nak, and you will be a great mom of even more than 3 kids. :) Good job, too, for Caleb! He is so kind and behaved. I salute you and Jesse for having achieved that. :)


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