July 06, 2011

Babies and a Tie

I almost forgot to post about the latest (and so far the last) handmade cards I made last month but it's never too late, right?!? :)

CARD #1: For my sister-in-law, Sarah:

She recently gave birth to a healthy 10 pound baby boy! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Card #2: For a sister in our ward at Church, Elise Burnett:

Elise is due to give birth some time this month. It's their first baby so it's really exciting!

Cards #3: For Jesse (Father's day card)

I used to fold papers into a shirt like this back in high school and I almost forgot how to do it. The tie I used is from a Father's day sticker set that I got from Michael's. The next card was made by C, I only helped him how to make his very first handmade card:

He had so much fun tracing his hands with me, coloring the greeting card and the envelope, and adhering the "I heart my Daddy" printout onto another card stock paper. He was still kind of oblivious of what we were doing but I am just glad he was able to make it with me for Father's day.


  1. Such cute cards! bet Jesse loved Caleb's! I can still see that shirt & tie as a cookie:)

  2. So cute! Caleb is just the cutest little guy!

  3. you are an artist, Nak, and Caleb will be like you. I love the cards especially the one you two made together. :)


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