July 11, 2011

Nothing is Too Big or Too Small to Ask About...

"You can go on ahead without me..." was the text message I read from Jesse today after church. He was doing some tithing stuff with our bishop's counselor today and he told me I can go home without him. I was actually excited to be able to do it all on my own even though I've driven that route (to and from our church) before for most Sundays that have passed.

Most of you know that I passed my driver's test yesterday. After almost 26 years, I finally have my own driver's license - not a permit, but a LICENSE! I don't know how and I'm not sure but maybe for most Americans, that age is a little bit late to get a driver's license than majority of them do. See, back home (Philippines), we could get by without having our own car. There are TONS of public transportations everywhere. If I still lived there, I probably still don't know how to drive a car.

Having my license now, as what most of my Facebook friends (and relatives) said, is liberating - a FREEDOM! For me it was more like freedom to go out whenever I 'need' to without counting on somebody else to take us (C and I) out. I have about just had enough of being stuck inside our house no matter how much I wanted to take C out to the park (which is really close by if you drive but a torture for a pregnant lady like me to walk to) - and I am really excited to be able to take him out there now on our own, or to go grocery shopping on my own (which I finally did yesterday, too) and do all the "housewifey errands" that most housewives can do because they can drive alone. I love and am looking forward to be able to do those, especially now that Jesse is getting busier studying for his CPA exam this month.

I cannot let this post end without giving credit to those who helped me. For one, it's Jesse and his extreme patience to me whenever we went out to drive. His first time to teach me was in Hawai'i and we had a manual transmission car. It was fun then for me but it became nerve-wracking when we had C so I stopped practicing 'til we moved here in Vegas - and I always lost my cool whenever we went out to drive. Yes, I always scolded him even though it's mostly my fault. But he always remained calm and loving. The last practices we had this last week were challenging for him because I was really uncomfortable (belly-wise) so I always got irritated quickly. But he was always patient with me.

Second is Jim from Silver State Driving Academy. After failing my first driver's test here in Las Vegas (2nd time to take the test, my first time was in Hawai'i), I really wanted to try taking a driving school session. Finally after weeks of asking, Jesse gave in and found Silver State (one of the cheapest). They teach you and charge you every session (2 hours each) and then determine if you need some more sessions to take. Well, Jim basically taught me everything I already knew when we went out driving. But what he gave me is the confidence I needed - confidence in myself that I can do it. I had this huge fear of driving on my own with the examiner for my second test but Jim took that fear away. He made me feel confident about myself and my driving skills. He actually said I was good to go and wondered why I even took that driving session with him. I said I am scared of being tested at parallel parking (which is always the reason why I didn't pass the first two tests). So he offered to teach me just that on my next session before my test. Unfortunately I never went back to them because they didn't even have ANY records of me - let alone taking a class with them before. Jesse taught me well about parallel parking last week for 2 days (probably 15 minutes each day) and I am happy now that I know for myself that I CAN do parallel parking!

Third, friends and relatives who gave me the confidence that I need - who kept saying, "you'll do great!" That always lifted up my spirit.

Fourth, and the most important, is the Lord. Yes, I know, a bit cheesy but I am serious. Ever since I failed my first test here in Las Vegas, I was really down about myself and I always doubted myself. I thought I will never have a driver's license... especially when I heard about some other licensed drivers who didn't have to do parallel parking during their test. Getting a license meant a lot to me, especially here in the US, because I can't do much of what I need to do here as a stay-home mom without it as I could back in the Philippines. So I prayed a lot and read a lot from the scriptures and Church magazines. I prayed to just help me find the confidence I need, and to help me learn how to drive safer, and more specifically to learn how to do parallel parking. Days before my test, I asked Jesse if he could give me a blessing before I take my test. So on that day (yesterday), he did. And I am grateful for having a priesthood holder in our home. I've always believed in the power of a priesthood blessing no matter how big or small the blessing is for. My dad gave me priesthood blessings whenever I needed it - mostly for major exams or when I left home to go to BYU-H.

Jesse blessed me to have the confidence that I need and to be calm (because I always freaked out on my previous tests) and that I will do well. I know the lady (the "tester") wasn't extremely nice to me by chance. I had the blessing before my test and I know the lady was somehow prompted to help me have a more calm and relaxed "driving environment" that day. We talked about a lot of things while we were driving around and because of her friendly personality, I was calm and became confident in myself, though it made it harder for me to focus on my driving while talking to her. I relied on the Lord first & firmly believed that if I ask, He will help me ("ask and ye shall receive...") and He helped me find the confidence I needed through another person - the one I least expected to receive it from (the "tester").

So all I'm saying is, I received my driver's license but I didn't do it all on my own. The power of prayer works and nothing is too big or too small to ask our Heavenly Father about. He knows what is best for us and if it is His will, He will give it to us. He said "no" to me the first two times because I always relied on my own "strength" (and only remembered Him on the day of my tests), and I think it's also because I still lack the knowledge of how to drive safely. But now that I am driving better than how I did in Hawai'i - and actually know how to parallel park - He said "yes" this time and helped me feel that I really earned this one with His help through other people.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and your testimony of prayer that really touched me.

  2. Good job!So pwede na tayong magmeet halfway.lol. So so happy for you.

  3. yay!!!! im so glad dat u got your license and yes you did it!!! i was so excited by that freedom when we finally when from one car to two car so that i could drive me and the toddler somewhere!

  4. Congrats Lois!!! so happy for you. :)

  5. Congratulations, Nak! True, nothing is trivial to ask from Him.

  6. Thanks for sharing your sweet experience with prayer, Lois. So happy that you are now blessed to be a licensed driver:)


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