July 04, 2011


If you know me even just a little bit, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of videogames - and watching TV - even though we had those at home growing up. I'm not saying I don't like them at all. I just want to avoid them as much as possible because I KNOW I can get hooked to them. I loveD (yes, past tense) videogames when I was a little girl. But my days of video gaming ended ever since the "joystick" switched from a simple flat gadget with just a cross on the left side, 4 buttons on the right (black and red A & B's), a select and a start button

This picture doesn't have the red A & B buttons [turbo]
 to something more complicated that vibrates on its own with gazillion other buttons (x, triangle, circle, square, etc) and switches all around.

Add also the changes in graphics from 2d to 3d that made me dizzy, I was totally content to stop myself from wasting my time in video gaming. 

But, I must admit... it is out of playing video games (usually my husband's love for it) that made Jesse and I find some friends in Hawai'i that we will never forget...

Yes, NATE, I am actually saying thanks to you (the husbands) "addiction" (playing 'til past 12 midnight, ahem!) to NBA LIVE while us, your wives, were all pregnant because it is one of the many (okay, the MAJOR) contributor to having friends like you and the Gellors. Even though I know the frequent "chillaxing" in Sharks' Cove or Waimea Bay, or eating some garlic shrimp together, random FHE's, Sunday potlucks at the Gellors, or the Big Island trip, or any other crazy fun things we did as a group definitely have contributed to developing (drama) our friendship, it all started when the men (sige na nga, kayo na panalo) started playing VIRTUAL basketball together.

Bottom line is, even though I'm a firm believer that video games, IF UNCONTROLLED, is a waste of time, I am still glad that it brought the "boys" in our group together which eventually brought the ladies together, too (because we had nothing else to do but to "talk stories" while the boys scream and yell at each other in the midst of their game), and formed a whole group of friends. I miss hanging out with you all!


  1. So this means we can play video games again with Nate?? :)

  2. My husband is a huge video game junkie as is evidenced by the 2 gaming consoles and endless PC games we have in our home. Sometimes it gets annoying, but it's his escape and like you said, as long as it doesn't get out of hand, it can be a good thing. I also enjoy video games on occasion and we actually played a MMORPG for the first 4ish years of our marriage. We made some great friends playing that game.

  3. way to find the positive in video games :) Cute post below about Caleb- you'll have to show me how to get a you tube playlist.

  4. Awww na touch naman ako.I will let Nate read this,see what he has to say.We miss you guys.Wish we all live a lot closer.


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