August 11, 2011


I haven't updated this blog for a while. I haven't had the time to blog lately because I usually used my son's nap time (the time I usually use to blog) to take a short nap as well.

Well, I had my second to the last appointment last Tuesday, the 9th. My doctor said I'm already at 3 cm. She thinks my labor/delivery will be quick. I hope so. She also thinks this baby will be smaller than Caleb so we'll see. I guessed otherwise.

We're basically pretty much settled down now in our new home. Although I'm pretty sure a house is harder to clean than an apartment, I'm still glad we're done with apartment living. It's our first time to live in a house since we got married.. and it's so good. We just need a few more items for our little one before his birth, and a little bit of cleaning here and there then we're good to go.

When I was pregnant with our first baby, the last week seemed the longest wait for me. This time around, the last 2 weeks seemed too long. Maybe it's because I still had 5 weeks left in my pregnancy when my doctor told me I was 2.5 cm. dilated. I really hope I can go into labor sometime before next Saturday (the 20th) so that I can have my doctor deliver our baby (she'll be gone during the week I am due). But first, I need to finish packing up our hospital bag.. haha! I'll be 39 weeks this weekend.


  1. Halos sabay tayong nag Baby come out na,excited nako makita ka.

  2. Good job on your preparations for the coming baby!:)


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