October 20, 2011

Malachi 3:10

Malachi 3:10
Growing up, I always had faith and testimony in the power of paying tithes. I always knew that I have to pay my tithes because I already owed so much to our Father in Heaven and yet He still blesses me with the things He knows I will need in this life.

That testimony grew stronger when I was studying in BYU-Hawaii. I was an international student who didn't make much money but was blessed with scholarships that made it possible for me to pay for my studies. I had the IWES scholarship until before my last semester and last term. The IWES scholarship was good enough to get me through some things that were needed to be paid for in school. But that and my little income was not enough to help me pay for my "family contribution," buy my books for my classes, and to buy my other necessities like toiletries. I did my best to pay an honest tithing. I studied hard and then towards or before my last year and a half (I think) in school, I was able to apply for two different private scholarships. Those scholarships covered my expenses for my books and my family contribution. I was indeed blessed.

More than 3 years had passed since I graduated and I still have a strong testimony about paying an honest tithing. My husband and I have tried our best to be full-tithe payers. It is really a test of faith. Blessings, financial and not, have come through paying our tithes. For example, Jesse received two consecutive promotions from his work two months ago although he's only been there for a year. Now, I know it was partly because of his performance as an employee. But I firmly believe it also had something to do with paying our tithing. His promotions led us to have a little bit more income which we really needed because we were having another child and were moving to another (more expensive) place. His promotions came just at the right time that we needed it.

It wasn't only through financial things that we've been blessed. In his April 1982 General Conference talk, President Hinckley said, "... I am not here to say that if you pay an honest tithing you will realize your dream of a fine house, a Rolls Royce, and a condominium in Hawaii. The Lord will open the windows of heaven according to our need, and not according to our greed..." I know that to be true. Although we are a one-income family, Jesse was always able to find a job to sustain our family and I was always able to stay home with our children. We are all in good health. We have the gospel. We have two beautiful children whom we love so much! We are married in the Temple, the house of the Lord. We have our basic needs - food, shelter, and clothing. And the list can go on.

Bottom line is, I know that blessings come in the form that we NEED (not 'want') when we pay an honest tithing. The Lord has promised us in Malachi that He will bless us when we pay our tithing - and He will fulfill His promise when we do our part.


  1. Peace of mind is another great blessing:) Thanks for sharing, Lois. Great post!

  2. True, the Lord is bound to His promise if we pay our tithing. I know God is truly pleased with your faithfulness, as I am glad you are.


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