November 16, 2011

If Only I Was An Octopus

This is just very random but I just want to share this. C has been an awesome "kuya" (big brother) ever since we had his little brother. He's never shown any jealousy and he never hurts his little brother on purpose. But one thing changed, well maybe a couple.

I used to be able to leave him in one room when I need to get something done. But now if I am not within his sight, you will hear a slow wailing sound building up from him (like a low ambulance siren) as he utters the words "I"... and then followed by "want Mommy!" Even telling him that "I'm right here" is no longer enough. HE NEEDS TO SEE ME!

After naps is a bit of the same story - depending on who wakes up first. C has always been content, since he was a baby, to cuddle with me after he wakes up from his nap/sleep. It's still the same way now. But what's tough is when his little brother wakes up first in their nap, crying. I'll go take J and cradle him, and then next thing you'll hear from the other bedroom is, "Iiiiii want Mommy!!! I want mommy! I want mommy!" C will get up and check us out. I tell him to come over but he won't. It's like, "I want you and you alone, mom! Let's cuddle in your bed - just you and I" thing. There was actually one time I was carrying both of them in each arm. Boy my arms were sore! If only I was an octopus... :P 


  1. that's so funny! Caleb is just too cute! So Jesse probably already told you the big news! I'm so tired from calling all our family but I give you a call when I get a chance tomorrow. I can't believe we're going to have a little boy!! We're really excited! Anyway I'll talk to you soon! :)

  2. How cute! And...he's right! :) No one can ever replace the security of a mother! Bless you!

  3. Caleb just loves his momma a lot.And that is such a good thing.I don't know what will I do if that happens to me in the next few months.I am bracing myself. But we are mothers and we are good in coping.

  4. Oh yes. Growing pains are hard for little ones. I remember how hard it was for my cuddler when his little brother was born. I think he still has scars. Heh.

  5. Sam is right. :) Moms are good in coping.

    Time flies so fast, the next you'll realize they've grown already and are on their own.


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