November 11, 2011


What it was SOMETIMES like whenever I tried to put J down for a nap:

Me: "Hmmm..hmm..hmmm..." (humming to Rock-a-bye Baby while rocking the baby)
J: (looks puzzled, then...) "Waaaa!!!"
Me: (change of song - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) "Mm mm.. Mm mm.. Mmm mmm mmm.."
J: (even louder) "WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"
Me: (Brahm's lullaby) "Mmm mm mmm... Mmm mmm mmm.."
C (jumping in the background): "Mommy listen to me!"
Me: "All right, J." (I let him go and let the computer sing the songs for him)
J: (nods off to lalala land in a few minutes)

I'm glad those days are over. NO, I don't hum lullabies to him anymore. He always gets mad at me whenever I tried. My husband thinks it's funny. I get the point - I can't sing. Ha! Oh poor mommy! Hahaha!!! Well, at least I had my chance when C was the baby - he loved it. I still want our old Mac back, though, so I can upload some photos. By the way, it was a great night last night. Our 2 1/2 months old slept from 9pm-6:30am. WOOHOOO!!!!


  1. What a blessing that they both sleep through the night! :)

  2. :) This is cool. I am so happy for you, Nak, for having a great night!
    When you were babies you easily slept when I sang lullabies for you and I always thought, it was because so you all could at once get over listening to my voice. hahaha


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