December 11, 2011

Note to Self - A Father's Faith

It's been quite a few months (after our second baby was born) since hubby and I were able to watch a movie at home after the kids went to bed. Some of our (or MY) reasons were I was too tired, our second baby was still too young (and still woke up a lot of times during the night and we needed to get as much sleep as we could), and hubby was studying for his CPA exam. Well, now that both kids are sleeping through the night, hubby's taking a few days' break from studying, and even though I am still always tired at the end of the day, we can now watch a movie or at least an episode of a TV show after the kids had gone to bed. Last night, hubby and I watched this:

(Life in A Day)

Here's a synopsis from Netflix about this movie:
"After thousands of people around the world joined together to record banal and remarkable everyday events on July 24, 2010, director Kevin MacDonald led a team of editors to condense more than 4,500 hours of video into this picture of life on Earth."
We both got curious about it so we watched it. I liked it. It was pretty much like the "Babies" that came out last year. There was one scene, though, that got stuck in my head. It's about a widower and father who lives in a cemetery with his kids. I don't know where they're from and we only read the subtitles from what he said.

His 20 year-old son (the eldest of the children) is mentally retarded and the father couldn't go out to work because nobody else is going to watch after his children (living in a cemetery and all). Fourteen people live in their little place where they have no electricity, no water, no drainage. You can see the mud all over the place and even all over the childrens' body and clothing. Flies are everywhere. My heart broke when I saw a baby peacefully sleeping despite their condition. Then at the end of that short clip, the father said this:
"... But we are still alive. God will not forget us. He created us. That is what I believe. God wouldn't have created all these population just to forget us."
What a tremendous faith! Despite their condition, he still had great faith in God. It was a perfect reminder for me that no matter how many people are in this world, He knows each of them and is mindful of them. He is mindful of me and my family, no matter what circumstances we may encounter now or in the future. I have to remember that.

He said in Moses 1:37:


  1. :) thanks for reminding that, Nak, that He is mindful of you, our children. :)

  2. I'll have to get it from Netflix`sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing that verse:)


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