December 22, 2011

The Hair!!!

So, last Sunday (and the previous Sundays whenever I wasn't too tired to go to church or if I wasn't confined in the mother's room), I had A LOT of comments about my son's hair. Two years ago, I had the same experience with our first. He had thick, black hair when he was a born (and he never EVER lose all of his hair) and everybody who saw him always mentioned "look at his hair! it's so gorgeous!"

Less than a month old
Then he grew up a few months older, and his hair a few curly lengths longer that we had to give him his first haircut at 10 months old...

His lei (from his dad) makes me miss Hawaii!
Oblivious at what's coming up. He was getting the haircut, not daddy.
Man, I can't believe that haircut was just early last year, 2010. It felt like ages ago.

Actually I thought my husband was just going to ask the lady to cut off our son's bangs but then he told her to cut the whole thing and I was like, "HUH?!?" That night it felt like I was holding somebody else's baby. I was looking for the curls I used to touch whenever I nursed him. Hehehe.

So the same comments are being given to us now with our second son, "look at his hair! It's gorgeous!" but this time it wasn't "It's so curly" but rather, "it's standing up!" Yup, it's standing up... just like mommy's when she was a baby. He may not look like me anywhere else in his face (unlike his brother who got my eyes, at least. Oh! They both got my nose!!!), but he sure did get my "standing ovation" hairstyle!

Yeah, yeah, I was chubby.
3 months old
I don't know when he will need his first haircut but his hair is starting to curl up a little bit - not as much as his brother's was, though.

So, yes, like I said, some of the sisters in our ward took notice of his hair. One of them even said, "I love seeing his hair! It just makes you feel happy!" Haha! I didn't know hair can make you feel happy!

I think all of our children will be born with a lot of hair! Their dad had thick hair when he was a baby, and so did their mom. It'll be amazing if we have a baby who's almost bald.


  1. Ha ha! Josh's hair does always bring a smile, even to some of his cousins:) They're a couple of cuties!

  2. I, too, feels happy when I see their hair. :)


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