December 16, 2011

Note to Self - It's ... Staying In Love

21 was my planned earliest age to get married when I was still just barely in 6th grade. When I was a teenager, I have always been wondering who among the guys I've met in my life (or will meet since then) will turn out to be my future spouse.

One day I turned 21 years old. Months passed when I became really down and depressed not because I couldn't find 'the one' but because of something else. I was in a different country, far away from my family and had no one to talk to so I sent an email to my mom telling her about my problem. A part of my email had these thoughts from my very young mind:
When I was young, maybe when I was 11, I used to think how much love it took for all parents in this world had to have before they married their spouse, how hard married life is, and how couples endured those hard times. I had no idea because I was young. But now, eventhough I don't have the complete idea yet, at least I have a few. When we marry, sacrifice will always be there (especially sacrificing your own pleasures and interests), selflessness and consideration, understanding, patience, appreciation, endurance, charity, meekness and humility, kind words and good communication, and most important is love... and keeping it alive no matter how much it would seem to die in the years that passes by. It's being in love and staying in love always, and keeping it that way til your hair turns gray and your skin becomes wrinkly and your sight blurs, no matter how much it wants to die out.  Marriage is a team... efforts must be done together both by the couple with the aid of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. "Neither is the man without the woman and neither is the woman without the man... in Christ". These are the few things I learned about marriage as years passed and as I prepared myself for it. It's not complete yet... but it's a fairly good amount of knowledge to start with. I know there will be more sooner or later.

I got married 11 months after I sent this email. I was glad I came across this just a few days ago. My innocent, younger self reminded me, even besides being single at the time, some things about marriage that I have to remember forever. And she was right - there were more things learned since then, and there will always be things to be learned as the years go by. I can honestly say that in our marriage, I'm the one who needs a lot of improvement. I love being married and I love my husband. I am so blessed with a loving husband. He loves me and he loves our children so much. We are not perfect at it but I can see that he's trying everyday to include our Savior in the center of our daily lives. And I admire him for that.


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