December 13, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW - Dex Dura Bib & Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

I want to write a product review once in a while for a change. Some of the things we use have lasted for a while so that made me think of writing product reviews in my blog.

The first today is this bib:
Dex Dura bib (grabbed from Google images)
My son has these exact two bibs for more than a year and a half. We used to have a set of four bibs for very cheap - and the material were cheap, too. The print faded/came off within just a week. Plus, it was a wee bit too small. 

These Dex Dura bibs, however, were big enough to grow with our son. The prints didn't come off. I love the "Catch-all" design (the pocket). The opening was wide enough to catch all the food, and the neckline was wide enough as well to protect the child's clothing. Another thing I liked about it is the option you have to remove the pocket by unsnapping the buttons.

(grabbed from Google images)
Our son liked seeing the printed animals on it, too. When he was finally aware of "Blues Clues," he used to always tell me that he found a clue on his dog bib. Haha!

It's sturdy because the bib wasn't made with just plastic all around, which had its ups and downs. The positive side to that is that it was really easy to clean - at least the front side of the bib where all the food drops. The only downside I saw was that the back side of the bib (the non-plastic material) was hard to wash, thus some mold tend to form on it. But other than that, we loved these bibs.

Second on the list (images grabbed from

Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack
I love, love, LOOOOVE this drying rack! It's been my first (and so far the last) drying rack, ever. It's been with us for a long time but it's still holding up great. I took it with us whenever we drove up to California to be with my in-laws. And it never broke on my luggage. It holds a lot of bottles and its accessories. I have the Playtex VentAire bottles so this rack was even more perfect. What I did was that the bottles go to the bigger "branches" of the rack, and then the accessories with holes go through the smaller branches (with the bottle nipple on top of it, just like the picture above), and the base accessories of the bottles (the ones without the holes, the vent part) go on the base of the rack. The rack held so much more stuff that way. I put the bottle brush on the cup of the rack.

I like how it catches all the water that was dripping from the bottles when they've just been washed and trap it inside (some racks can't do that). It also rotates, so you can grab things pretty easily. It's easy to assemble as well as to disassemble (for storing and/or cleaning it). If you're looking for a bottle rack, this is the one!


  1. You also brought the bottle rack to the Philippines :)

    I, too, like the bibs because of its size, design, and material which is easy to wash and dry. :)

  2. Yay! Good to know that the munchkin racks are good! I requested one as a shower gift and I got it.


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