January 30, 2012

Big "This Too Shall Pass" Moments {Potty Training}

I can't imagine how many times I've said that to myself my whole life - well, not really my whole life. It was ever since I left home and my family behind to go to school to a foreign country. The first big "this too shall pass" moment I had were each birthdays and Christmas every year for 7 years (and counting) that I was away from home. I had to tell myself that "this too shall pass" whenever I was homesick and wanted to be with my family. Of course, being homesick (especially during Christmas time) never gets old. But I could at least handle it fairly well and better now than I did before.

The second "this too shall pass" moment was the first several months of C's life. I've said "this too shall pass" so many times with regards to sleepless nights the first two months, painful nursing the first 6 weeks, and inconvenient breastfeeding the whole 15 months. When J was born, I had those exact same baby blue feelings I did with C (although nursing was easier with J) and had that 4-word phrase in my head every single minute of every single day. Because I know it's true - it shall pass. It was just temporary and I must stay positive no matter how exhausting it was.

The third is... potty training. Okay so this blog post is really just about whining with a tiny twist of trying to be positive. So last weekend, I faced the one thing I didn't want to face in my life (besides the first month of a newborn babe), and that is potty training. I miss my husband right now. I think my decision to start it on a weekend (instead of a weekday) was right because my husband was a BIG BIG BIG HELP to me. He was really good at staying positive and he keeps encouraging C no matter how many accidents we've had in the first morning alone.

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I will spare you the details of his potty training, but C made a huge improvement on the first 6 hours of his first day of potty training. It's not really hard to train him. But I guess my "this too shall pass" moment is how hard it is right now because he can't get on the toilet on his own. And the many accidents (which I already expected) and constant washing of his sheets. And the fact that I have to keep an eye on him constantly while taking care of J. C's stupid toilet seat slides around and the pee guard is no use. We didn't know it was the worst consumer rated toilet seat until we checked it online (Amazon) on the first night of potty training C. I've thought many times to get him a potty seat where he can go on his own without our help because I know he will. He tries with his toilet seat but it's just hard for him to get on it, so I guess that's why he's not motivated enough to go by himself although he knows that that's what he needs to do. But then again, I thought it would be so much easier for all of us in the long run if he gets used to using the toilet right away and not have to transition him from a potty to a toilet.

Another thought I had was to slap some pull-ups on him during nap times and bedtimes. But again, I THINK (I am no expert, obviously, because this is my first time) it would only delay getting him fully potty trained. So for now I am sticking to our method and will just keep telling myself, "this too shall pass" even though I haven't had any good sleep since we started training him (J decided to wake up at 5 am since yesterday morning, especially if he rolled over). If only I had enough sleep, it would make the world so much better!

I know there are a lot harder challenges out there where this phrase, "this too shall pass" is more applicable. I admit, potty training him could be worse. But for right now, this is MY "this too shall pass" moment because I'm just a whiny person. One thing I would change in the future is to potty train J first before deciding to have another baby.

Sorry this post doesn't have a single picture in it, besides potty seat he has. I have a couple of photos in my camera but I'm just too lazy to upload it. Besides, C's right next to me watching his playlist in Youtube while I'm writing this so we can run to the toilet anytime he needs to go.


  1. potty training is a pain, but it's worth it when they get the hang of it. You're a lot braver than I am. I left Makua in pull-ups when he would sleep. I worried about training him at night after he was potty trained while awake. We started with a seat similar to yours, but it was too hard so we got a small stand alone potty. Then he started going by himself and I didn't have to bug him as much about it. Even now we have to take him potty before we go to bed so he doesn't have nighttime accidents. I don't think putting him in pull-ups while he's asleep will delay anything. If it lets you sleep I think that's more important. Sleep makes for a happy mom. When mom's happy, everyone else is usually in a better mood too.

  2. I am trying to delay and delay potty training.Though we already got him a potty seat that attach to the toilet. But I am such a sissy.Maybe I should do it before this baby comes out but I am such a sissy.eheheh

    Good luck.Keep me posted with the progress.

  3. I know this potty training experience is a headache for you Lois, but you had me and Summer laughing:) I guess it's time to get him a new and improved seat. Diapers at night might not be a bad idea. It's a good thing you have tile:) Good Luck! XO!

  4. Hi Lois! I agree, potty training is one of the hardest things to see through, but he will get it and then you'll love only having one kid in diapers. We actually just trained Zeke to go standing up (#1 of course :) ) since he never really seemed to want to sit down and it worked well. I don't know if Caleb would be game? Just an idea...we also found an awesome seat at Walmart that is a regular toilet seat with a smaller toilet seat attached (you just flip the lid). It works so well and is great because you don't have to keep switching seats around. Good luck!

  5. hey...u are definitely doing AMAZING. so fact: doctors said potty training at night doesnt happen till age 4-6. (some kids can do it earlier and some kids just can't. J is one of them. so hes like four and finally he is getting almost there with night time...he just a deep sleeper. so for both L and J they wear diapers for a while at night (till im ready) maybe during the summer..coz they were doing better during the summer than winter..suggestion: i have a step stool from ikea (2.99) for them to climb up and we train jershon to always hold down his penis to make sure all the pee goes in and not out of the toilet. (but yeah...u kinda have to help them for a while...)


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