January 20, 2012

I Miss You

Dear C,

You have been such a great 'kuya' to your little brother. You have ALWAYS been a good child to us, your parents. Thank you for your patience, your kindness, and your unconditional love. And for all the fun you've shared with us.

I am sorry if mommy can't give you the full attention that you used to have. Things will be different from now on, but know that mommy and daddy loves you just as much as we did before little J came along. We love both of you.

And mommy misses everything that we used to have when it was just you and me while daddy was at work. Most of all, I miss you. Please don't grow up too fast.



  1. Awww, he knows mommy and daddy love him, but I really do know what you mean.
    Actually, the first child is lucky, at least he had you all to himself for a little while:)

  2. If we could just have multiple bodies then we could give our kids one on one time. This post makes me sad,and wonder what my life with Darren would be like in the next few months.

    Aren't we lucky we have such good babies/big brother.

  3. How cute!He's such a good sport. I don't have baby number 2 yet, but I know it's a little hard not to give the first baby the attention he wants. I'm sure he loves his little brother though:)

  4. Sue is right. He knows. :) I think missing our kids is part of being of a mom. Looking back, in every stage of their life I missed my kids. Time flew so fast!

    You are a very loving mom and you give your best to give them time and attention. When they've grown and you get older,and you look back, you will say to yourself with a smile "I did my best!" You will reap your reward of being loved and cared for by them!


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