February 29, 2012

Kung Zhu Pets

One day my Dad hitched a ride with his old friend, Jun, on his way to Las Vegas to take his mom to the doctor. My dad always tries to catch a ride with "tito" Jun (tito means uncle but he's not really my uncle. It's just how we call older people that someone we know knows) whenever he takes his mom to the hospital here in Las Vegas. They're from Provo and I don't know why she always goes here in Vegas but I don't ask.

Anyway, in one of those trips, my dad bought Kung Zhu pets for C and J. I didn't know what it was. And C was in the middle of being potty trained so we didn't open his (J's Kung Zhu box was smaller).

Today, though, C was taking his box all around the living room. I was trying to save it for his birthday but since it's been a while that it's just been hanging around the living room, I opened it. Assembled it. C even tried to help. I love it whenever he tries to help when we're assembling something - a toy, a furniture, etc. It's cute.

Anyway, so when it was finally done, this is how it looked:

In the instructions it said to put the flags at the sides of the "gate." Anyway, so when we were done, C was looking for the ninja hamsters (they're supposed to be ninja hamsters). But it's sold separately. I didn't care much about them and he was fine when I gave him the idea of just using his toy cars instead. It kept him busy the whole morning.

But during their nap time (my computer time), I was looking through some blog posts and so I came across my friend's good deals on 2 websites. So I started browsing those sites for some clearance stuff (just for fun) and I stumbled upon the Kung Zhu pets in ToysRUs. I thought the Kung Zhu pets were lame toys. If they were at ToysRUs, they're probably not. I became curious so I checked them out on Youtube.

I just think they're fun. I'm pretty sure C will have fun if we had the hamsters. Now it makes me want to grab 1 or 2 hamsters. At least we don't have to feed them, right?

PS. Happy leap day! To celebrate that leap day, J had 3 pokes today (immunizations). He's 19 lbs (75%) and 28 inches (97%) now. He cried for a bit but then he was okay right away - until we got home. He didn't stop crying until I nursed him to sleep.


  1. I enjoyed watching the Khung Zhu pets! I am sure even the bigger "kids" like Bim, Bong, Bambi and Dallin will enjoy having and watching them! Hahaha!

    (Dad, kulang pala yung binili mo. )

    Biiig, biiigggg, Josh! So cute!

  2. Caleb was telling me all about his big "slide" on the phone, and "showing" it to me:) Josh is a big boy!


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