February 27, 2012

Taking a Break

This picture is probably the prettiest picture I've seen today:

If you didn't know yet, my husband deactivated his Facebook account a while ago. So all we have left was MY account. But I am slowly losing interest in it and I found it to be of no use to us. We don't have our own business that needs its own Facebook account. My husband often talks to his parents and his sisters. My family can reach me through my yahoo messenger. Our close friends know our phone numbers. So really, Facebook was just wasting my time. So I decided to block it from all of our browsers. Remove the temptation so to speak.

I'm not saying I'm not going back. I am just taking a break from it. I'm a nap time mom (meaning I usually spend a lot of time on the computer when the kids are sleeping if I wasn't in the mood to read a book). And I was thinking, if I was to waste my time on the computer between Facebook or Pinterest, I would rather have Pinterest. I might just be pinning a lot. But that's okay. Someday those pins will be useful to me - maybe when our kids are older and they are playing with each other. Facebook has just been giving me junk lately.

So if you've been looking for my husband on Facebook, he didn't "unfriend" you. He's deactivated his account. I am still there and you can still leave comments or messages on my Timeline. I will still be able to keep the lolas updated with their grandkids' photos on Facebook through mobile uploads. I'm just restricting MYSELF from it for now. I don't know when I'll get back. 

PS. TO OUR FRIENDS (you know who you are), if you need a discount from renting a car at Enterprise, National, and Alamo, call my husband. They can now give discounts to their friends... yipeee!

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  1. See you around, Nak, and thanks a lot for still posting pictures. It is one of my enjoyment! :)


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