February 01, 2012

Your Body Is Not Ruined

I am slowly getting my footing back on track again. C's been doing a great job not having any accidents throughout the day. Since yesterday, there have only been 2 #1 accidents and he hasn't peed on his bed. He always got up before he did "the job." So yes, I am proud of him. I hope it stays this way. I don't mind having to carry him on the toilet as long as he knows he needs to let us know when he needs to go.

Anyway, I was browsing Pinterest one day and I saw this quote from somebody's board:

"Your body is not ruined, you're a *%&@!# tiger who earned her stripes!"

Wow! That made me smile! Although I've already accepted a mother's body and figure (muffin tops, flabby belly, stretch marks...), sometimes I still wished that I could still fit into those pants and dress I used to wear when my husband and I were just dating. But reading that quote (whoever you are, thanks!) made me happy.

Another interesting read my visiting teacher posted on her Facebook wall today was this: Mommy Myths: Here's the Real StoryI like the whole article especially when she wrote:

Myth:  I will have a tight tummy just like I did before I had children.  No muffin top for me!
Truth:  Unless you have a very unique set of awesome genes or you are a celebrity with unlimited access to plastic surgeons you better get comfortable with Mr. Muffin Top because he isn’t going anywhere.  Saggy deflated balloon skin is also a friend that is here to stay.
I am thankful that I have 10 fingers and 10 toes, two eyes and ears, a mouth, a nose, hands, feet, legs, etc. I am thankful that my body - though it is no longer as "perfect" (in Hollywood's definition) as it used to be - it is complete, and that I could use it to fulfill my responsibilities as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend.  


  1. I think a woman/mother's body is just plain beautiful.I have to tell that to myself. I just hate how the world and the media label who is sexy who is hot,not matter how fake it is. you know what I mean? But hey we may not have the world saying our body is sexy.But we have our good husbands who admires us.And children who truly and deeply look up to us.

  2. I remember a verse from "When I Made the Woman" from the email I received before:

    "The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
    the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
    The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes,
    because that is the doorway to her heart ---
    the place where love resides."

    and this one entitled "A Strong Woman and a Woman of Strength"

    A strong woman works out every day to
    keep her body in shape ...
    but a woman of strength kneels in
    prayer to keep her soul in shape...

    A strong woman isn't afraid of anything...
    but a woman of strength shows courage
    in the midst of her fear...

    A strong woman won't let anyone get
    the best of her ...
    but a woman of strength gives the best
    of her to everyone...

    A strong woman makes mistakes and
    avoids the same in the future...
    a woman of strength realizes life's
    mistakes can also be God's blessings
    and capitalizes on them...

    A strong woman walks sure footedly ...
    but a woman of strength knows God
    will catch her when she falls...

    A strong woman wears the look of
    confidence on her face ...
    but a woman of strength wears grace...

    A strong woman has faith that she is
    strong enough for the journey ...
    but a woman of strength has faith that
    it is in the journey that she will become

  3. Glad the potty training is progressing along nicely:)
    I think we get hung up on size in the U.S., but need to focus on being healthy. I do know that for me getting outside and moving is a natural mood lifter!

  4. NICE QUOTES love them...so TRUE...im happy that potty training is going amazing.... did u say you are potty training him at NIGHT TIME TOO???? (coz u mention bed). thats even more amazing!

  5. Amen. I have five kids and a roll for each one of them. Battle scars!


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