March 02, 2012

It Feels Good

Yes it does. It feels so good that he didn't have to study this whole week every night for a CPA exam. It feels good not to feel bad when I ask him to do something - because it's okay, he doesn't need to study. It feels good TO RELAX!

I am hoping he passed the one he took recently (AUD) so that there will only be two more exams to take. For each exams, there's roughly (usually) 2 months time to study - and it's 2 months worth of driving me insane. I'm not the one studying but I do get stressed too.

Tomorrow MIGHT be another one of those last Saturdays of not having to study. It depends on hubby if he wants to start studying again next weekend once he finds out the result of his AUD test sometime next week. I want this to be over. I can't wait for it to be over. Each time he's studying is like I was holding my breath until he's taken the exam. Gotta have more patience! A little bit more (weekday nights and) Saturdays sacrificed to gain FOREVER Saturdays to go out as a family. At least we see him and get to be with him everyday.

One major thing I love about him is that despite his busy schedule and even though he REALLY REALLY needs to study once he gets home from work, he gives up 3 hours of study time each night to spend time with our boys and help me do things (at least let me take a shower). I know he's sacrificing a lot of his study time just to be with us everyday.

So for now, I am going to "savor" this coming last Saturday of relaxation before his next CPA exam. It feels so good to breathe!


  1. For a "little" time put in now, you will reap big returns later! Hang in there. That's great that Jesse is so helpful:)

  2. Good luck on your test Jesse! And good luck both of you with the rest of the studying and tests!

  3. welll been there...but at least Jesse is taking the exams...Jordan have started his studying schedule here and there (but life gave us unexpected hiccups) so he has YET to take any exams yet so im DREADING the studying.. but hang in there!!!


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