March 16, 2012


C loves the Jabbawockeez. If you don't know who they are, they are the first champions of the America's Best Dance Crew show (Season 1). I watched most of their dance routines in the show and I liked them. One day I showed them to C and he fell in-love right away. His favorites are their "Apologize," "Lean Wit It Rock Wit It," "Evolution of Hip Hop," (that's his utmost favorite of all), "Robot Remains," and "Devastating." Interestingly enough, those are my favorites, too.

 Everyday before nap time, I would let him do all his crazy moves out to get him tired enough to go down for a nap. And the Jabbawockeez always helps me, and it's fun watching him dance. So today I was changing J's diaper before nap time and here's the conversation between me and C:

Me: "Do you want to watch the Jabbawockeez before we go to sleep?"
C: "I wanna see the Jabbalockeez"
Me: "JabbaWOckeez"
C: "JabbaLOckeez"
Me: "No, Jabba-WO-ckeez"
C: "Jabba-LO-ckeez."

And I thought I'd had fun with him:

Me: "Jabba"
C: "Jabba"
Me" Wockeez"
C: "Wockeez"
Me: "Jabbawockeez"
C: "Jabbalockeez"
Me: "You need to say it right first before we can watch them."
C: "Jabbalockeez Mom!"
Me: "Jabbawockeez"
C: "Jabbalockeez."
Me: "Haha! All right, I give up. Let's go watch the Jabbalockeez."

And off we went to play a single video clip of Jabbawockeez compilation.


  1. :) I loved watching him dance in the vidoe on fb! He was really rocking out:)

  2. Love it when he tries to imitate them, especially when he does the "stunts". Hahahaha!

  3. thats cute that he loves them..hilarious.. i need to show jershon some of those videos..he loves to pretend to do "tricks" while he dances..


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