July 03, 2012

I Am Grateful

- for being with my own little family everyday.
- for the Priesthood and the men who try their best to be worthy of it.
- for the talents and gifts that each and every one in this world has.

Last month, as many of you already know, my husband has had a few series of mini-strokes/TIA. The first time was the worst. I wanted to stay with him at the hospital all night, but I couldn't. When he described to me his experience of his stroke, I couldn't imagine him being all that. He said he couldn't  think properly, couldn't remember some things he knew very well, like phone numbers. He couldn't say the right words that he wanted to say, like saying "F" instead of saying "seven" even though he knew he wanted to say "seven." I just couldn't imagine him being like that.

Paid a visit again the next day. C was checking out his Dad's ears with a portable night light provided by the hospital.
The second and third time it happened, I was worried. I thought I would be scared, but I wasn't. I just had this feeling that everything will be okay. But, you know, as a wife I couldn't help being worried. After all, my husband is still young and stroke usually happens to someone older. Mr. Wikipedia says people 55 years or older are at a higher risk of TIA. And we are half-way younger than that.

When the doctor released my husband from the hospital the first time it happened, he said he was healthy and doesn't really need any medication. But they still don't know what's triggering/causing his symptoms to happen. Nevertheless, I am still grateful for the gifts bestowed upon them to heal people.

I am thankful that my husband has so many fellow LDS members in his job. When his symptoms happened the third time, one of his co-workers was able to give him a Priesthood blessing as soon as they pulled over to the front door of the emergency department. He was released from the ER soon after that, and I was able to pick him up. All these series of strokes happened in just five days.

Today, when he came home, he said he felt the symptoms again at work. Oh the power of prayer! He told me he said a prayer to please make it stop. And it did. And he knew he had to walk around and relax a little bit and it worked.

I am hopeful that they will find out the reason(s) why he's having these symptoms with the next 2 tests that he's supposed to have this month. Right now, I am happy to be with him everyday, and with our little boys, too.

On a lighter note, I am grateful for the house we found to move into and rent for the next year (or so, who knows). It's really close to the nice park here. The boys and I can go play outside a lot now, even without the car! And I like how the downstairs are all tiles but the stairs and the whole upstairs are carpeted. Oh, and it has a little backyard. The owner was a little embarrassed about it, but we told him, "we don't even have a backyard in where we live right now." Hahaha! Woohoo! I'm excited to move! At least I'm not 36 weeks pregnant this time.


  1. We, too, are praying everyday for Jesse. I hope they find out SOON what's causing the problem. XOXO. Your new place sounds nice:)

  2. Thinking of you guys a lot. I told this to Nate,and he really had a worried look on his face for a while. I hope that he doesn't have any attach,and will continue to recover. We love you guys.

  3. You have been in our prayers. Hooray for moving close to the park- it will make a big difference in your days! (at least it did for me)

  4. We are always praying for you. I hope they will finally know what it is and be able to give him better medications, if ever. .... so happy na mas maganda ang lilipatan ninyo, location-wise and space-wise.


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