August 17, 2012

All Smiles for Your Love

Funny how some things can make you feel. Besides having a bigger kitchen table (so we could finally accommodate guests, like my in-laws, together in one table when we eat), a craft table is one of the things I've always wanted. Which is why I can't stop talking about it.

The whole time I was stocking up my craft table just now, I couldn't stop thinking about my husband. He bought this for me because I wanted it so bad, even though it probably put a hole in our budget for the next month. He has always spoiled me this much all the time every birthday, Christmas, and anniversary - a Cricut machine, a VERY NICE camera bag, a DSLR, a tripod, a point-and-shoot camera (because I didn't want to wake up J when I took pictures of him with my loud dslr camera shutter when he was a newborn), and many attempts to have me buy myself new clothes (which I never did - not a big fan of clothes shopping), and now this. And I've never heard him complain to me how I've never bought him expensive gifts (well I let him buy those sets of suits on a whim one day, for his work. Oh he looks great when he wears them! SO HANDSOME!!!)

As I was stock piling it up with the craft things I've collected little by little over the years with gift cards and discounts, I kept thinking about how he looked like last night as he was putting it together. He looked as excited as I was. He may not have bought me enough flowers during the entire course of our marriage, or wrote me letters, or took me to nice dinners, and all the general thinking of how a romantic man is supposed to be, but he has shown his romantic side in a very different - and spoiling - way. I can't help myself but just smile the whole time I thought about him and how much he loves me. Besides all these, he takes great care of our kids when he comes home from work no matter how tired he is.

I love the way you show your love for me, Jesse, in every aspect of life. You are such a blessing to me. I feel your love for me everyday! And I love you too! (now texting this link to you.. buahahaha!!!!)

Love,  Your Wifey,

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