August 17, 2012

Day After: Park & New Craft Table

Yesterday, the day after I quit my game, was interesting. It was hard at the start of the day not having my tool for social life. I was bored to death when the kids took a nap. I called it "going through withdrawals." :P I wasn't bored when they were awake. I've always loved watching them play and have a little bit of rivalry every now and then. But when they went down for a nap, I was dreadfully bored. But quitting the game was liberating - in the sense that, even though my mind still wandered through leveling a player, it immediately remembered it's OVER. Then brain actually started relaxing a bit more throughout the day than when I played the game.

The entire afternoon was kind of depressing because I was bored. I think I was also affected a little bit by the depressing mood of the book that I've been reading. It's a great book, I was just at the part where she was really depressed, the parts where two of her kids didn't want to see her (Stephanie Nielson's "Heaven is Here"). So I think that sort of affected my mood for the day.

But as soon as the kids woke up again at 3:00 pm (usually the time I put them down for a nap), we played a little bit more inside the house and had some snacks until it was cool enough to go outside and play. It was 5:00 pm and play they did! There were barely anyone at the park. I don't know if it was the heat or because school is about to start. But we had the park for ourselves. C totally loved running through the sprinklers and showers. J was so curious about the doves and birds that were eating the crumbs of his snacks that I threw on the grass.

Earlier that day, Jesse told me that my craft table had shipped to the nearby Walmart store we picked out to pick it up from. So I was excited, and my gloomy mood was lifted. I had asked him to pick us up at the park on his way home from work because I just didn't feel like walking back home in the heat. Just as he arrived to pick us up (with my table in the trunk), the ice cream truck just arrived as well. I was as much excited as C was, but we didn't have cash so Jesse just bought one for C using some of the change we had in our car. He was messy but happy. I let him run around the sprinklers one more time to wash the sticky stuff off of him, then we went home.

Look at those red cheeks! So cute! J loved being in the swing. He didn't like having his shoes on, though.

That night, we had a fun time at dinner. So lately every dinner, Jesse reads some chapters of Joshua from the Bible to us. Usually it was always only when C is still the only one left eating. But the scenario is always the same. When Jesse stops talking, the kids stop talking. As soon as Jesse uttered one word, either J or C will start talking to each other, blowing raspberries in the air, and yelling "AAAAAAAH!!!!" It was funny! I couldn't help but laugh last night at the scene. Next time, maybe tonight, I'll take a video for good time's sake when they grow up.

Jesse and C went upstairs as soon as the reading was done, and I stayed downstairs doing the dishes while J ran around the living room and kitchen with assortment of toys in his hands. He's just the cutest little toddler. He's still wobbly when he walks even though it's been a month since he started walking. I stayed downstairs a little longer to wait for Jesse to finish up with the table (I didn't want J to bother him) but it was getting late so we put J down to bed.

C was "helping" his dad put my craft table together. He was basically just playing with the styrofoams, putting them on top of each other, and singing "Bob the Builder, can we fix it! Bob the builder, yes we can!" And he can sing the whole song (with some words missing, of course). So cute! I should have taken a video of it.

It was kind of late than the usual bedtime for C but he wanted to stay up as long as we were putting the table together. He went to bed right away after we finished at 10:00 pm. Now I'm ready to stack it up with my craft things. 

I promised myself, even before I gave birth with C in Hawai'i, that this hobby won't take over my time for my children. Even blogging is only done when they're taking a nap (like now). Besides, I can barely make anything anyway if they were awake. Haha! I can't wait to see what things I can make again. Oooh, and I want to learn how to sew next (when we have a little bit more budget to buy a sewing machine in the next few years).

My craft table. Printer will be taken out as soon as we find a cheap table for it from the thrift stores. I think Jesse was just as happy as I was when we were putting it together last night. He even asked if I was sure I wanted the printer there because it's my CRAFT table. :P So sweet!


  1. How nice to have a little spot to do your crafts! Your evening at the park looked fun!

  2. I can tell how hot it was by the pink cheeks on Josh:) How nice to have a handy shower ready for when Caleb finished the popsicle! That's great that your craft table is all ready to go! Have fun crafting!
    I know what you mean about the book, but the part that got me down was when Stephanie described her idyllic childhood, which sounds crazy, but I felt that I had fallen short at giving my own kids such an idyllic childhood (We mothers are way too hard on ourselves). I think Stephanie needed that very special background to be able to handle the extreme adversity which was to come later in her life.

    Congrats to you on the day after, and the next, and the next...!!! XOXO!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun day. Your park sounds like so much fun! Zeke and Max would be in heaven at a park like that! Your craft table is so nice and spacious. You will love having your own space :).


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