August 21, 2012

Last Year: A Birth Story


I went to the salon to get a haircut. I had long hair and I wanted it gone. The lady at the salon was surprised at my response to her question, "when are you due?" I said I was due to give birth that day.

That night, I felt some mild contractions but didn't think too much about it. I went to bed at 10:00 pm to make sure I could get some sleep (one I didn't get with our first child because I went in labor right after I folded our clothes at 10:00 pm). 


At around 2:00am, I was awoken to painful cramps on my belly. I still thought it was false labor so I stuck it out. With our first, I had some spotting at home, and my water bag broke at about 6 cm. dilation (we were already at the hospital and was preparing to get an epidural). So I was waiting for one of those two things with our second baby. I didn't time it anymore because I could tell it was consistent and the pain was increasing.

I decided to take a shower with hopes that it will alleviate the pain a little bit. It was 3:00 am. Everybody was still sleeping (our son, my sister, and YES my husband who was even snoring in bed). I was trying to deal with the pain as quietly as I could because I didn't want to wake up our little guy. The shower definitely helped. 

At 4:00 am, I decided it's time to disturb my husband. I tried to lie down to get some sleep. It was really painful but I haven't had any spotting yet so I thought I was probably just at 3 or 4 cm. I was groaning silently here and there and that woke my husband up. I told him, "yeah I'm definitely in labor." I asked him to blow up our big bouncy ball. Poor guy was still so sleepy when he was pumping some air into that ball. I tried to use it but to no comfort at all. So I just did what I've been doing all along without the ball. I told my husband the contractions were definitely more frequent and more painful with only a few seconds of interval in between. The funny thing was, he asked me to tell him when to take a shower before we go to the hospital. I was in labor (yeah, great excuse, right?) and I thought, "Oh yeah he'll take a shower right when I want to go" so I snapped and told him, "take it now!" It was funny - just like the movies!

At around 4:30 am, I called the hospital and the nurse told me to wait it out.

"Go take a shower."

"I already did that."

"Have you had any spotting yet?"

"No, but I'm telling you it's really painful and more frequent."

"Well, just wait it out, see if it still goes or not."

Sad, huh! She wouldn't listen to me! So I waited (painfully) 'til 6:00 am, dealing with the pain as quietly as I could (yeah, I was groaning with my face down flat on our mattress). 

At 6:10 am, I told Jesse we have to go. It was really painful but I could still bear it but I wanted to be around some people who knew what to do just in case I was ready to deliver. The hospital was just 15-20 mins. away but it felt like forever. The passenger seat was one of the most uncomfortable place any woman in labor could ever be in. 

We parked quite close to the entrance of the building but it seemed like it took us forever to get there (I had really painful contractions every 10 seconds or so - or at least that's how it felt like because I've only made 5 or 10 steps and another contraction was there). There wasn't anybody at the reception area so we used the phone (there was a note saying to call them) and an Indian nurse came out. She was so calm and taking things VERY SLOWLY! She didn't even put me in a wheelchair! I walked the whole way to the delivery room - I felt like I couldn't walk anymore. As soon as we entered the room, I told her I want an epidural (very wrong decision!).

I changed my clothes and she was still taking things slowly. It was around 6:40 am. She measured me and you can tell in her voice that she freaked out a bit when she said, "Oh! You're 8 1/2 cm. dilated!" Both my husband and I were like, "what?!?" Haha! I asked her if it was too late for the epidural (that's what I thought) and she said she'll see what the anesthesiologist will say because he's on his way. But he didn't say anything. By the time he arrived, I was probably more than 8 1/2 cm. I seriously think he just wanted to get paid. One of the things I hated while waiting for him was signing some paperwork in-between and during my contractions. I mean, come on! WOMAN IN LABOR HERE! And the nurse who answered my call earlier was there and introduced herself to me, "I was the one who answered your call." I thought to my head, "Oh yeah! Well so much for not believing I am in labor, huh!"

After 5 painful tries, the anesthesiologist finally got the epidural in (the first 3 were "wrong" pokes and the 4th one was right but the catheter broke so he had to remove it and do it again). It was literally painful!!! I seriously thought it was more painful than my contractions. I was crying without any sound, just tears flowing endlessly down my face. I know he could've done better. The anesthesiologist who gave it to me with our first baby did it only in one strike, and I wasn't even as steady as I was with our second baby. When I was getting an epidural with our first baby, the nurse didn't even help me sit still (that's when my water bag broke). But with our second child, our Indian nurse helped me stay still (and I was) and that guy had to poke me 5 times!!! The only thing I hate about epidurals is that it hurts my back so bad after a few hours of delivering the baby (and goes on for weeks) and it makes my labor a lot slower.

At 9:30am, they broke my water bag with hopes to speed things up. It's one of the things I hated. What's the rush? I wasn't in any risky situation, he wasn't tangled, blah blah blah. The baby will come when he wants. No need to break my bag. But I didn't say anything.

We thought we were going to have a different ob/gyn for my delivery because my ob/gyn was going to go camping with her husband and his family that day for a week. At 9:45am, she popped through the door. We were glad to have OUR ob/gyn there. At 10:00 am, I started pushing. I was so numb (more numb than I was with our first) that I couldn't feel where to push. With our first, I at least felt where it's supposed to be. It took me 30 mins. to push J out (10 mins. with our first). I'm glad she tried everything to avoid giving me an episiotomy. 

At 10:30 am, our 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches baby joined our little family with a big cry.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE FELLA! It's been a fun journey with you in our family. 


  1. Happy birthday Joshy boy.Love you!

  2. So happy to have Josh in our family! Happy 1st Birthday Josh! <3 Love the photo!


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