August 20, 2012

Pinterest Finds

I have thought about putting my talents to work by being a nap time crafting mom (or letting the boys help me with the craft if it's easy enough). I love making different kinds of crafts. The next thing I want to learn is sewing and anything else with needles and threads (crocheting, for example). Sewing machines are beyond our budget now so that can wait a few more years or so. But for now, some random crafts will do.

I always don't have ideas on what to make, though. I'm glad I have Pinterest to help me create something for my family, for our home, or for other people. So I have come up with an idea to add this label, "Pinterest finds," here in my blog in hopes that it will push me to create more things that I find from Pinterest and post them here. I will also include my husband's creations. :P (Yes, he gets ideas from my boards every now and then).

We've done some before already. The first one was C's handprint ornament last Christmas.

Another idea Jesse got from Reddit (but which I also found on Pinterest) was using a used ketchup container to put a ready-made pancake mix in. I never got to take a picture but it was such a cool idea. It was fun! Here's an idea (I can't find the main post where this picture came from so I just took it from my "pin"):

Also coming up with this kind of label is Jesse's breakfast burritos. I can't remember anything else we've made or tips we've followed since I joined Pinterest but here's our next project that we want to do (yes, we already have the wood):

Click on the image to visit the website.
We've been meaning to make one like this but never really found a DIY version, and I found that one! We're not homeowners yet and we move A LOT so this one is the most practical to keep tabs of the kids' heights. And we can take it with us! YAY!!! Also one on my to-do list this week, actually hoping to do this tomorrow (for J's first birthday), is this salt dough foot print keepsake recipe:

Click on the image to visit the website.
Either this one or the other foot print keepsake recipes I have on my Keepsakes board. I'm excited just thinking about making these two keepsakes that we will cherish in the years to come! There are many other things I want to make from my Keepsakes board, and most of my other boards, but I will take it one thing at a time! :)

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  1. Gusto ko din magtahi at magknit or magcrochet... Nagsasawa n ko magluto for a hobby hehehe! Happy birthday josh!


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