September 20, 2012

Having Little Boys

I grew up being outnumbered by boys in general. I have more brothers than a sister (five brothers, one sister). I was supposed to be the last one but my parents felt bad for me being the only girl so the little sister was born (good thing she is a girl). And then my little brother was a surprise.

Growing up, I preferred making friends with boys more than I did with girls, though I eventually accidentally ended up hanging out with girls in high school who had almost, if not exactly, the same personality as me. When I went to school in Hawai'i, my first workplace had more boys than girls except for when I worked in the Luau. But then I was the only girl in my last job in Hawai'i as IT-Hardware worker. Talk about being outnumbered by boys all the time.

When my husband and I got married, I always thought of having a little girl someday but I preferred having a boy first. And so, even though we've only had all girls' names prepared, we were happy to find out we were having a boy. My husband, when our boy was born, was so happy his protective fatherly instinct came into effect immediately.

With our second child, I was kind of hoping for a girl since we had a boy already. A few months of pregnancy revealed that we are having yet another boy. At first I was a little sad but then it immediately reverted back to the fact that we are having a baby! And it was such a blessing, I felt thankful and loved that growing baby inside of me.

Well, we're not planning to have a third one yet, of course. But I am hoping to have a girl this time around. But then again, it'll be as happy for me to have a boy again as how it was with the first two.

One perk of having boys that I like so much that I really appreciated a lot more recently is how easy it is to get them dressed. C was getting ready for Joy School this morning. He had a nice shirt on, but had a house shorts on. So I just changed his shorts to jeans and VOILA! All done! No skirts, ribbons, headbands, etc. I'm sure I'll have fun doing that to our little girl someday, though, if we do have at least one girl. Haha!

Another thing I liked about having two boys is that we didn't have to buy a whole new set of outfits and other clothes for J all over again. Seriously, it's only been a handful of times that we bought J some new outfits just because we wanted to. All that he's wearing now are from C. It's awesome! Saved us a lot of money - though that probably went to all the formula we bought (that we never bought with C until he was past 12 months old). 

Toys! Oh yes, toys! I've never been a big fan of girly-girl toys ever since I was a little girl. I always preferred my brothers' toy cars and army men. Anyway, so yeah, it's fun playing with my boys with the kind of toys they like and I like (LOL) but I still would love to play dress-up with our little girl and her barbie doll someday.

The only thing I don't like is, even though it's super easy to shop for their clothes, it's absolutely frustrating with how much fewer selection they have than girls' outfits. But that still doesn't overpower the fun I'm having with these little boys. I love them to pieces! I'm excited to have a little girl someday and watch these "kuya's" be protective of their little sister. That'll be so sweet! I'm sure she'll wrap her fingers around her Dad immediately, too. But for now, these little boys fill my daily life and routine with laughs, yells and screams (against each other), giggles, hide-and-seek, silly maneuvers, and pure joy. Of course there are ups and downs, but it just makes parenting easier to just count the ups instead of the downs.


  1. Haha! I know what you mean. We didn't hve as much kids in our family, but I was the same with only one sister and 2 brothers. ANd I was a lot closer to my bro and his friends than my sis (of course she was 6 years younger). But boys are just easier. I love having Reyna right now cuz she's an angel, but I'm honestly so scared for those teenage years.

  2. Growing up with mostly girls in the house, I still gravitated towards boys. Girls are just too much to handle to sometimes (I love my sisters, but they are an exception... in that they are not normal girls. They're a lot like my mom, in that none of us are overly girly, I think). It is funny to me, that my mom have 4 girls and then 1 boy, and we have yet to see a girl born between us sisters. I want to have a boy first (bc I never had an older brother), but I can see myself getting a girl first because I feel that way :P in any case, I'll be happy whenever it happens. I just want healthy babies. That's all I want!


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