September 18, 2012

Just for Laughs - Nina Conti Ventriloquist

I found this video a while back. I'm not much into ventriloquist. I was never entertained much by such things and puppets even when I was young. BUT! This one made me laugh a lot.

By the way, I won't be a hypocrite and pretend like the super momma. I admit I've gone back to playing that game, but with more discipline. It's only when I'm really really bored to save me from getting bored-sad (is that even a word?). Like when most of the things I think of doing will still get me bored. But most of the time, I write in my journal or read the book (see side bar) that I'm reading - slowly (it's kind of boring) - when the kids are napping. I've attempted making cards here and there but every time I do, one of them gets up from their naps already. Haha! So that can wait. For now it's reading, writing, and editing photos, and sometimes the games (my me-time anyway). I was thinking of self-studying (just links and other random things) online about my hobbies, you know? That would probably keep me entertained while the kids nap. I still want to post handmade cards on my very inactive Etsy account. I don't bring our laptop downstairs anymore when I'm down there with the kids and don't look much on my phone so I can focus more on them. As long as I know my main priority, I think a little bit of gaming once in a while when the kids aren't around me is not a bad thing.

I'll be posting on our family blog about what's been up with us lately.

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  1. That was funny! I agree with you, it is hard to do crafts with little ones around. I have tried to find other hobbies too : ) Hope you are doing well!


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