December 30, 2012

The Engagement Story ... 5 years after.

I was reading through my old blog several months ago and I stumbled on a couple of posts about how I met Jesse and our engagement. So, with a little bit of proofreading and re-writing, I am pasting it here again to remember that very sweet day:

"Another chapter of our book of life!

Early morning of Dec. 27, I jumped off of my bed and had Jesse in my mind because he's coming back! The whole day felt like forever because his plane was supposed to land at 12 midnight. I was getting more and more excited as the sunlight disappeared slowly and the time slowly crawled it's way to midnight. But before that, Jesse told me his flight is delayed (almost an hour). I was a little bit upset but it's okay. 

At exactly 12 a.m. of Dec. 28th, I took my friend BJ with me to the airport. He was so tired so I drove (he has a license, I only have a permit - that's why I needed him). I drove... on the freeway again! The rain was pouring hard that night. We were driving at 60 mph. I was so scared but we made it to the airport. Still, Jesse's plane took a long time to land. The baggage claim was very slow in delivering their passengers' luggage. I was getting more and more impatient, but oh well! When it comes to things like these, I just tell myself, "patience is a virtue." 

At 2:30 a.m., he finally came out! I was so sleepy yet I was so excited to see him again. We were back at Laie by 3:30 a.m. I gave him my belated Christmas gifts which made him happy - and so, made me happy too. 

After our work that day (still Dec. 28), we watched a movie in Waipahu (about an hour drive from Laie). Then headed straight back to Laie afterwards. This rarely happens to us, but he asked me if I wanted to watch the sunrise the next day. Even though it was kind of weird for me that he asked me first (I usually do), I still said yes (I love sunrise!). We agreed to wake each other up at 5:30 or 5:45 a.m. 

And that's what we did. We watched the sunrise at the Bikini Beach, the beach across from PCC. It was a cloudy morning but we still tried to enjoy it. We read Alma 33 in the Book of Mormon when the sun was up (behind the clouds). 

After reading the chapter, he asked me if I knew what Doc. & Cov. 4 was. It was a very weird, random question for me but I still answered yes and we talked a little bit about it. Then he pulled out a little note out of his right pocket and read from there what he wrote for me. At first I thought he just took a chapter from the scriptures and changed the names  there to our names. But when phrases like "raise the bar" came up, I figured he made it all up! Everything! It was a little bit funny yet sweet. I thought it was just a random, sweet, cheesy, romantic note from him to me so I just smiled. Then he handed the note to me so I can keep it. 

We were quiet for a while. Then all of a sudden, he turned to me, looked right into my face and said, "Lois, I have a question [started digging into his left pocket] to ask you." The moment I saw him dig into his pocket and heard him say the word "question," I started freaking out. I was just screaming, "OH! NO WAY!!!" Things rushed to my mind so quickly I couldn't remember them. He had this little black, square thing in his hand and just held it out right in front of me. I couldn't even look at it. I was just freakin' out and saying, "NO WAY!!!" He thought I was going to turn him down. He opened it, and I was still freakin' out but I gave it a glance... and I saw a ring! And I freaked out even more! He just stared at me for a few seconds not knowing what to think but still managed to pop the question (and I started to calm down). Of course, I said, "I WILL! I WILL!!!" Then we gave each other a hug. He put the ring on my finger... while shaking! The ring was one size bigger (7) than my size (6) so he took out this rubber thing that you put on the ring so you can fit it for a while. But as he was trying to put it on the ring, he was shaking so bad, so I did it myself. Then after a few while, the clouds parted just enough for the sun to show up and shine on us... coincidence! Hehehe!"

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  1. Cute story! It's always fun to go back and remember precious moments like this.


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