February 24, 2013

Things I Wanna Do

I was sitting here all caught up with my journal again, and the boys are still taking their naps. When they are sleeping and I'm all by myself, I just seem to contemplate on many things. But today I was thinking of the things that I really want to do and that I really plan to do along the way..

* Teach C how to spell and write his whole name (and maybe how to read even just the basic words). 
- I've been pretty good at home schooling (in a way) this little smart guy before J was born. But since after having his brother, I feel like C has been stuck with what he knew before his little brother was born. The Alphabet, counting to 20, puzzles, love for reading books, shapes, colors, etc. I think it's time to move him up a notch and teach him how to at least write/read. He knows the sounds of the letters now so maybe teaching him how to read someday won't be as hard.

* Teach J the Alphabet, numbers 1-10, shapes, puzzles, colors, etc.
- It was about this age when C started recognizing these better. With C, I used to draw the letters, numbers, and shapes for him and then asked him what they were. For colors, we used crayons or any colorful thing. I know we shouldn't compare and I'm not. J can grow on his own timeline, but I want to provide him the learning experiences, too. The other night J said "A, B, C" on his own while holding out a rubber B for the bath tub. I told him, "B." He replied, "B! A... B.. C!" So cute!

* Teach the children their other language
- I know I've talked about this on and off, and it's been on and off in the house. They have more Filipino blood in them than anything else. I got used to seeing them as Americans. I haven't been seeing them as half-Filipinos. I need to be more consistent when I speak to them. Getting used to speaking English to them in a non-Filipino environment just makes it harder for me to REMEMBER to speak Tagalog to them. I need to do better.

* Read more books with my boys. Go out more with my boys. Play with them more. Be more kind and patient to them. Give them my full attention. Provide them with better exploration experiences like I did when I was young (playing in the rain and mud, looking closely at plants and tiny insects, catching a dragonfly, etc). All the good parenty stuff. Love them better. Be more involved with them.

* Make my projects.

- So far these are:
(1) Making a growth chart. This was originally planned for right after Jesse finished all his CPA test, but it still collects dust in our garage. We have the wood and a few sanding things. We need the paint and whatever else we needed to make it. The wood is not straight so it's kind of a little unmotivating.
(2)  Repaint the wall shelf for the bathroom or somewhere else that we got for $1.50 (that shelf that sticks against a wall and there are hooks underneath it. I don't know what it's called).
(3) J's Photobook of his first year. 
(4) Photobook of the years I haven't done which are 2011 and 2012. I haven't been organizing my hard drive and editing our photos, thus not being able to upload to Shutterfly (I want our uploaded photos looking nice so they're ready for printing). I can't tell you how many Free 101 4x6 prints and free photobooks from Shutterfly that I've missed. This (editing and uploading photos) is my main project this year.

* Deep clean our house. Hang picture frames on the wall (haven't done so since we left Hawai'i in 2010).

* Get our children's double citizenship
- Yes, they are automatically American citizens and at the same time Filipino citizens. We just need to do the paperwork for it.

* Cook more yummy and healthy dinners every day right before my husband comes home from work. 
- I was getting good at meal planning before this month came. But ever since we all got sick and are still trying to get better, and my husband's so busy with his Ethics test and his motorcycle licensing, I kind of put the dinner-making on hold. Maybe I can try making freezer meals one of these days.

* Learn how to make myself look pretty and presentable
- Yes, my husband tells me all the time that I am pretty. There was one day, though, where I asked for his honest opinion and he said, "Yeah, I'd like to see you try sometimes." If you know me, I'm the kind of gal who doesn't wear make-up. I used to at least fix my hair and put on cute outfits pre-married life. But even straightening my hair went out the window after I became a mom. Right now this "make me pretty" thing is kind of unmotivating because I don't like shopping for make-ups and nice clothes - and those are what I don't have at the moment. I live with just my hair brush.

I recently bought several tiny nail polishes from Amazon, though, and started growing my nails out a bit. I'll start from there, I think. Then maybe I can thread my eyebrows someday but that just looks tricky right now. I want to look nicer for my husband especially for when we have dinners with his boss(es). He deserves so much more than what he sees right now.

There are really so many more things besides these that I want to do for my family. I am honestly just usually lazy. My boys are the easiest children to take care of, ever, and I have all the time to myself if I wanted to do these. Sometimes I just like to beat myself hard for not being the kind of wife and mom that I could and should be.


  1. So much to do (and want to do) and so little time for us mommies huh? Hehe. But I'm with you on furthering the kiddies education. I've been contemplating doing the free trial of this online learning program that I always see on PBS. It's called "ABC Mouse". In case you wanted to check it out. Good luck!

  2. About the last thing that you want to do. I think it requires a much needed girl time. I wish we live closer so we can help each other out. Help each other with our kiddos learning exploration. etc. Miss you. You can do it. One step at a time.

  3. Always so much to do, especially as a mom with children at home! You have some great goals, Lois...just do your best...one thing at a time. At least your boys sleep well, so you can get a good night's sleep, which is quite a blessing! XO!


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