February 17, 2013

This Is Me Challenge {Part 2}

Okay, so I was reading over some more of the questions from the "This Is Me Challenge" and I thought of just answering a few questions on different categories, not just one. Again, I didn't do any proofreading so excuse my grammatical errors.

What games did you play as a child?

Besides our FAMICOM (Nintendo Family Computer) games such as Super Mario Bros., Battle City, Galaga, etc., we also had plenty of outdoor games with our friends after school. My favorite one was called "moro-moro." Other people call it other names such as "agawang base" (base-stealing). The idea was to capture the enemy's base while at the same time trying not to be captured by the enemy. And if you have teammates that were captured, you try to save them, too. It had a lot of running around which was fun!

There's also mataya-taya (tag, you're it!), langit-lupa (heaven-earth where the "it" guy tries to touch someone who "goes down to earth" by stepping on the lowest level of ground, usually where the 'it' guy is), tagu-taguan (hide and seek), hopscotch, chinese garter (you make a loop of rubber bands and do this routine leg movements around it but it goes higher and higher as you move on to another round), and "sipa" (means "kick" in English).

I was really good in "sipa" when I was in 5th grade. There were different ones for the boys and for the girls. For the boys it was a bottle cap and a candy wrapper (the candy wrapper inserted right through the bottle cap). For the girls, it's this big whole bunch of rubber bands wrapped together until it's heavy enough. I loved it! We made our own rules. You kick it up and down the air, it can't touch the ground or you're out. The first 5 kicks, you can't catch the "ball." The next round (10 kicks), you can only catch it ones (to sort of pull yourself together before kicking it some more). The next one is 15 kicks with two catches, and so on. At the end (say the 5th kick at the first round), you try to kick it as far as you can so the opposing team won't be able to catch it with their foot. It's really fun!

What activities did you participate in (teenage years)? Explain what you did with each activity.

I will just list the one thing I did in high school: I signed up for Cadet Officers Candidate Corps (COCC) when I was in my junior year in high school (15 years old. We used to start high school after 6th grade at 12 or 13 y.o. They're going to change it now with middle school, too). COCC was like a high school level of ROTC. I remember waking up early on Mondays (I lived 1 hour away of commute from my school) to get ready for the pre-flag ceremony exercises. The sun was always still down when I arrived in school at around 5:00am, my fellow COCC's and our officers already shining their pins and wiping their "swords." I loved being able to be one of the main participants in our flag ceremonies. We always did it with the scouts.

After a Monday morning flag ceremony, with all the accessories taken off.
We had a training every Wednesdays at 1500 hours (3:00 pm). Most of the time we were left for half an hour with our arms folded across our faces, and our faces facing up to the sun. And if you've been in the Philippines long enough, you'd know how hot it was to be there. Sometimes we were told to "drop like a log and produce [number], [closed or open fist]" which meant we dropped to the ground from standing up, and doing push-ups. If they said open fist, we had our hands wide open. If the officer(s) said closed fist, we pushed with our fists closed.  We also did a lot of marching dances, sometimes with our eyes closed. It's pretty funny when it's like that because by the time we open our eyes, we are all spread apart and not in one square. We had a lot of fun even though it seemed to non-COCC's that we weren't fun people.

We also did some marching parades at some point but I can't remember. I think we did it three times for three special people from the government. All these just to avoid taking a boring P.E. (Physical Education) class.

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  1. You look cute in your uniform. It is fun learning more about you:)


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