February 27, 2013

What's For Dinner?

Tonight was one of those nights. "What's for dinner?" is probably one of the many constant things I ask myself on a daily basis, and is usually not done in a timely manner and most of the time not done AT ALL (breakfast for dinner, anyone?)

Well, yesterday I didn't make anything for dinner. I wasn't up to the task. I was lazy and I gave in. So my dear hubs went out and bought the ingredients for our tortilla soup - and as usual (when it comes to meals like this), the kids had something else.

I was stuck with "what's for dinner" question all day today, AGAIN! My meal calendar was blank. I was scanning my head for anything I knew what to make but they didn't seem appealing. "STIR-FRY" is what my head always said. Still clueless after the kids' nap, I threw one frozen chicken breast on a sauce pan and boiled it, not knowing what I'd make of it. "Stir-fry" is what my brain still told me. So stir-fry it was! But how will I make the stir-fry? "Easy! Just let me tell you later," is what my dear brain replied.

I made some rice. Got the chicken out and shredded it. Took out some frozen broccoli florets, LUCKY we had a red bell pepper in the fridge, and the usual onion and garlic. No measurements, just basic guessing. No sense of smell, so I couldn't smell what I was cooking. All I knew was to throw in whatever came into my head. Sautéed the onion and garlic in olive oil, unthawed the broccoli quickly in the sink with cold water, threw it in the pan, sprinkled it with whatever spices I found in my cabinets (lemon pepper, chicken rub, season-all, salt, pepper). Stirred/mixed it with the sautéed garlic and onion for a little bit.  Covered the pan for a little while, hoping the taste of the spices will stick to the veggies and the little steam will make the broccoli soft because it's frozen. Threw in the bell pepper, and the shredded chicken - and stirred!

But omigosh, it's getting too dry! I opened the fridge, and voila! Some leftover chicken broth from last night's dinner. Poured a bit in (again no measurements, just guessing) in the frying pan. Sprinkled some more spices (same ones) hoping this will turn out good. Covered it and left for however minutes on low heat until I thought it was good enough to consume.

My heart almost melted during dinner when J attacked the broccoli and the red bell pepper first before anything else, and C ate BROCCOLI without any tantrums thrown, and he finished his whole bowl! (J ate a lot, too, but played with the rest). My picky-eater liked my experimental dinner! It's this kind of night when both kids love the meal, that makes me say it was all worth it.

Sorry, no pictures. I was kinda lazy to take a picture of it, but it was honestly yummy!


  1. And I bet Jesse liked it too! Dinner was always a highlight of Jim's day! You sound like a real chef throwing it together successfully on a whim! I was never able to accomplish that skill:)

  2. I hate deciding what's for dinner! Then having to cook it too! Haha. I have a full menu "plan" but lately nothing on there sounds good. I just want to eat out all the time. Sometimes I wish we had a maid :)

  3. I love it when experimenting turns out so yummy. My husband is pickier than my son and it's always nice when Chris goes for seconds or will eat the leftovers. That's my cue that dinner was a success.


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