March 06, 2013

Total Opposite

I really feel J was born to balance my motherhood life. C gave me such an easy time (except when it comes to feeding him) when it was just him. I really think J is born to give me some more experience in this parenthood thing and take me out of my bubble ("I have such an easy life as a parent because my son is so easy-going.") J is not that much of a troublemaker, but he's been the total opposite of his older brother. Except for one thing - sleeping through the night at 2 1/2 months old (C did it at 2 months old). And by sleeping through the night, I mean from 8pm - 5am. It was probably around 3-ish month old for both of them before they started sleeping 'til the sun was out (say 8pm-7am). That was one common thing they had. But everything else is different.

Okay, I'm not comparing them at all. I'm just seeing their differences and I really like it. I like how they have such different personalities and yet get along so well. Like all siblings, they fight most of the time. But they play with each other more.

So I took J to his 18th month wellness checkup today (it was an annoying long wait, by the way, but I'll post the details in our family blog). C was always easy to talk to with these kind of things once he was older than 8 months old. If you told him don't move, he won't move. But with J, no. Oh no. He just kept wiggling that finger that gave his vital whatever to the device that was clamped onto it. The nurse tried to take his oxygen through his foot instead. He wiggled that part, including his toes, and wiggled it 'til she gave up and took the device off. When it came to taking his weight and height, she didn't take us to where you lie the baby down and they measure the height (they don't have such a device!) and on another one for the weight. It was the usual grown-up way of standing up and they move the thingies around the rulers 'til they balance out (I feel so dumb not remembering what it's called). So naturally, he wanted to get off the shaky pad. I had to kneel in front of him on the floor and let him cuddle with me 'til the nurse got his right weight. With his height, I had to show him the numbers in front of him (he's into numbers and letters lately) and it was enough to keep him occupied to get his height.

When the doctor finally came in to check on him, J struggled for a bit when the doctor needed to check his ears. Then he wouldn't open his mouth. "Stick your tongue out like this and open your mouth," the doctor said. As if my 18 month old understood what that means. He did stick out his tongue, trying to imitate us. But he didn't open his mouth. I don't know if he's purposely doing the exact opposite of what we needed him to do but he is such a boy!

Here are some other things he did differently from his older brother:

  • Drinking from a bottle very early (C refused bottles until 11 months old)
  • Eating solid foods for the first time easily (C pushed them out of his mouth all the time)
  • Transitioning to a sippy cup quickly (C didn't like most of the sippy cups I tried when he just barely got used to the bottle)
  • Eating REAL solid foods and not being too picky (C is really picky. He's still picky right now but it's been lessened a bit).
  • Opening kitchen cabinets, taking books out of the bookshelf multiple times, climbing up on the kitchen table and chairs, etc. no matter how many times we said no (We never had to put fence around our tv set when we just had C, or hide our dvd rack, because he never touched them after we said 'no' for like less than 10 times in spread out in different days)

Oh J, you complete my life with so much more fun! Thanks for spicing things up a bit. I love you tons!


  1. It's always interesting to see how siblings are similar and different. Makua's been so easy that I'm afraid to have another one sometimes.

  2. We are glad Josh is part of our family:) We love him too!


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