June 24, 2013

{C's Daily Prayers} - Despicable Me

Thank you for those who read and commented my previous post. Comments make me smile! ^^

I have a journal meant specifically to write down the funny things or sweet things that my kids said. But I keep forgetting to write in it, or sometimes I get caught up with something else. So I thought of making another category/label in this blog called "C's Daily Prayers" and maybe write those prayers down.

C has started saying his prayers (with our help) when he was about two years old. He started saying it on his own by around three-ish. I always meant to write them down in my "things-they-said" journal because they're just the simplest yet sweetest and most expressive prayers ever, and I want to keep those memories. Children are such sweet spirits!

Well, he recently celebrated his 4th birthday (had a great morning with his grandma and his cousins. We were gonna go to Cars Land as a surprise for him but plans changed and we spent his birthday driving home from CA). We let him pick some toys at Target with his grandma's birthday money gift on our way home (she also gave him a Cars puzzles and book gift). Of course, he picked Cars and he was delighted to have new ones. By "new," I mean race cars other than Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile (spelling?). It's been 4 days since then.

Tonight, after Daddy brushed his teeth, he walked into their room and sat down beside me and just started saying his prayer. I was not quite ready for my thoughts were flying everywhere before he came in, but I immediately wrapped my arms around him as he said..

"Dear Heavenly Father, I am thankful to watch spickable me [Despicable Me]. I am thankful to play with [J]. I am thankful to play with my cousins and friends, [then names two of his cousins]. I am thankful to go to the store and buy new race cars [that one four days ago]. I am thankful for eating brownie [it has blueberries and carrots which they don't know]. I am thankful for Mommy and Daddy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

So sweet. I love hearing him pray. So honest.

P.S. J also prays with us. He knows when it's time. Sometimes he'll keep wriggling before we start it but once we start it, he'll stop. Recently though it's been more obvious. He'd fold his arms, like those cute pictures of little kids folding their arms during prayer. He won't talk, but he'll have his eyes open looking at everyone [okay, mom was peeking at him.. haha!]. And just this week he started saying, "Amen" after every prayer. So cute!


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