June 25, 2013

J's New Words and His Random Things

I love little kiddie babbles. They sound so cute! My second son had just turned 22 months old and has been saying new little cute words CLEARLY.

"Abbawockees" (Jabbawockeez)
"Dud-dee" (Daddy)
"Yeah, yeah!" (In a very excited tone. He got this from his cousin, Max, I think?)
"Wah-yer" (Water)
"Ah-shurn"(My turn)
"Oh, soweee!" (Oh, sorry!)
"Aaaaaaaay" (sounds like "eye" - I say this when they do something bad)
"Ta-tu" (Thank You! - okay, this one's been around for a while now)
"Shoos" (Shoes)

And many others I can't pick out of my brain right now. Also, his favored word between "Mommy" and "Daddy" is the latter. It's always this scenario:

Me: "Can you say Mommy?" (Oh he can say it!)
J: "Duh-dee!"
Me: "No, say Mooommy!"
J: "Duh-Dee!"

... and the cycle goes on. It's pretty hilarious! His older brother did the same when he was this age. That's what I get when they have such an awesome Dad!

Tonight, he tried to copy his older brother by folding his arms and pretending to pray (babbles) - quickly - and said, "Amen." I like how he gets the idea now that we pray to bless our food and at bed time. Also, another thing he's been copying from his brother are the dance moves as evident from this video:

I love watching them grow and being there for them as they go through it as well. I love how they get along so well (with little fights here and there) and that they love playing with each other. I love being a parent to these two totally different but definitely similarly sweet children.

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