June 30, 2013

The Terrible Two's the Second Time Around

J is closing in at turning two years old. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't thrown a tantrum before. In fact, he has. A lot. On a daily basis. Every half an hour. Most of the time he looked too cute we couldn't help our giggles, which was probably DEFINITELY a wrong move. Of course the little guy started to think that it was funny.

And so he kept doing them. We've ignored the tantrums for the most part. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! BLIBLUBLAHBLAH!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" He'd keep going to no avail. (Yes, we left him doing that for 2 hours straight. Of course, not!)

But today was a different day. Although we've only recently started putting him on time-outs [other moms, insert book reference here about the proper age for time-outs], today was one of those days that we had to stand strong to it. It was hard for me to watch it, but he threw a lot of fits today more than usual. My spouse and I were on the same page that it was time to really really REALLY (yes? YES!) implement it.

And time-outs he got.

And in comes the ear-piercing shrieks! Boy was he mad! Someone get me a pair of noise-cancelling headphones! AAAH!!!!

He threw total outrageous fits each time, and screamed his heart out. And then he banged on the door the moment his Dad closed it. (Okay maybe next time we shouldn't close the door). And although this is our second time going through this process, it felt all too foreign and unfamiliar to me all over again. I don't remember at all how C did with time-outs. Did he bang on the door? Not sure. Did he cry his heart out? Oh, well, almost like someone stole his candy. But J - poor kid sounded so sad. I tried my best not to approach him until the 1 1/2 mins. was up. Or even after if it was my Better Half who put them on the time-out. I ALWAYS let their Dad talk to them and soothe them if he's the one who put them on a time-out to avoid making him look like the bad guy.

Aaaanyway... I am looking for something else to AID us in our way of discipling our children. And despite my very sleepy state and my half-way open (or half-way closed?) eyes, I remembered one easy peasy DIY help. Have you seen this on Pinterest?

Time-out Jar
Photo Credit: Hillary
(Click on image to visit the tutorial on how to make this jar)

I have never tried this before. Have you? The idea is the kid (who is on time out) shakes this jar and watches the glitter settle down. It seems it has this magical powers to make the kid calm down as the glitters settle down on the jar. Like some kind of voodoo. Ha!

I feel like I need to get one of my mason jars (okay, maybe three - one more for me and another for Daddy) and find a tiny bucket of glitter from the dollar store NOW. I think I've just found our (me and the little kiddies) craftsie daisie activity next week. (Did I just sound like we do crafts every week?... In my dreams and goals that just seem to never happen, we do). I just hope they won't end up acting like they were hypnotized or something. I wonder if C will pick blue food coloring?

What are your tried and tested tricks to do time-outs? And no, you don't have to be the Supernanny to have had the best disciplining method to your kids, right? Right! Here's to hoping for a more disciplined future generation with time-out jars as our shield!

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