July 20, 2013

{C's Daily Prayers} - Despicable Me 2 and Lightning and Thunder


C: "... I am thankful to watch the movie, Despicable Me, and that the minions aren't purple anymore ..."

You can tell he's not a big fan of the purple minions. They were pretty scary.

Two nights ago, C and I went out on a mommy-son date. We watched Despicable Me 2 (his ticket was free because we bought Despicable Me DVD from Amazon.com, and it came with a free movie ticket to see Despicable Me 2) in the theater after sharing a single plate of Panda Express dinner of fried rice/chow mein, and broccoli and beef entree (he doesn't eat much); and a tall cup of Tropical Smoothie chocolate shake.

He sat on my lap the entire time, which I liked. I like cuddling with my boys. The movie was hilarious. I enjoyed it even though there was a huge head blocking my view. He loved it, too.


If you haven't seen Despicable Me 2 and don't want to see any spoilers, skip to his prayer about the lightning and thunder below. LOL! But if you have seen it or you don't mind spoilers, the minions were turned into monsters - basically eating machines, as in they eat ANYTHING - and they were purple. At the end, of course, Gru's scientist friend, Dr. Nefario, came up with the antidote and turned the minions to friendly yellow moving Twinkies again. YAY!


C: "... I am thankful for lightning and thunder. I am thankful to see grandma again ..."

There's been a sudden thunderstorm tonight. You can see the lightning from the window blinds, and some of the thunder claps were loud and strong enough to shake our house. We were describing it to both C and J. C was taking it well, thinking "thunder" is "Kachicka!!!" and "lightning" is "Ka-Chow!!!" (Chick Hicks and Lightning McQueen in Cars movie). J, on the other hand, was a little bit scared of the thunder claps that he held on to me pretty tight.

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