July 11, 2013


Monday night after dinner, my husband helped C read the scriptures he is going to share in Primary class this Sunday. Last time he was asked to give a short talk and he cried the whole time while his Daddy read it for him instead. So this time around, we want to try a better head start. I thought of letting him speak with our karaoke microphones to make it a bit more real (and I was the audience). Of course C loved that idea.

Afterwards, C and J took turns speaking through the mic. Even while I was singing some karaoke songs. They liked to bug me, "my turn, my turn!!!" ("ah-shurn" for J). C would always say something random. J only has one word: "Vector!!!!" They liked the mic so much that I was finally done singing (bathroom style), I let them go for it, taking turns:

C: "Hello, I am C___. And this is my truck and it flies. RAAAAH"
J: "Veeectoooooor!!!!!"
C: "Hello, this is C___ again and that is J_____. He loves trains and I do, too, 60 miles blah blah blah."
J: "Veeectoooooor!!!!!"
C: "I am C_____ and that is Lightning McQueen and he goes around the track and 90 miles."
J: "Veeectoooooor!!!!!"

I loved watching them and it was funny (funnier than how I could tell it here). I don't know what was the deal with Vector anyway. They started saying it a few days after we watched Despicable Me.

J says it the exact same way Vector said his name in the movie (clip below, timestamp 0:30). For those of you who don't know, this is Vector:

Kids do copy things pretty fast, don't they. What are the things your kids copy from the kiddie movies that they've watched?

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