August 13, 2013

They Day I Ordered the Wrong Food

I just finished writing about our most recent date night in my journal and I couldn't stop thinking about that night.

It was a fun night despite of what I had to eat. And thank goodness for my perfect senses, I was able to really taste it. 

We left our children with my sister as our babysitter that night. If you know my husband, he's a recent convert to Japanese food especially sushi. It's kind of funny that I was the one who was trying to make him eat MY VERSION of sushi (California rolls) and now he's the one who's trying to make me eat HIS VERSION of sushi - the real sushi (raw fish on top of rice and other shebangs). 

So for this date night, I let him decide where to eat out - as usual. And as usual, I knew where he was going to take me - to a sushi place! This time we ate at Yama Sushi. This is the fifth sushi restaurant he's taken me to, but the first one with an all-you-can-eat option. So we did that. The buffet option is $25 per head.

Of course he knows all the rolls, right? RIGHT! So he goes on ordering the one called "NO NAME." And I trust his judgments. He said it was good. And it was! Unfortunately you can only have one order of "No Name" per person so we only had two rolls of it (8 slices). 

Click on the image for the link. Photo credit to Anneli A. (Yelp user)
Another delicious roll he ordered was the "Sun of Beach." It was hard to decide which one was better. 

Click on the image for the link. Photo credit to Rafael D. (Yelp User)

He also got me some teriyaki chicken. And we added a yakitori to that (barbeque chicken kebab). 

I, on the other hand, failed at my ordered roll called "Crazy Roll." Oh it was crazy, all right! Filled with jalapenos. Yum. Not. Luckily my dearest heroic husband, my knight in shining armour, ate 4 of the six slices of that roll, including the one on my end which was fat and humongous. But there was one of my orders he wasn't a "knight-in-shining armour" enough for him to even touch with his chopsticks. They were 2 pieces per serving. The one that will be on my food taboo list for years to come. The quail eggs.

Now, at the menu it had the sign where it said it's either lightly cooked or served raw. I thought it was ultra soft-boiled eggs, so I wanted it anyway. The server came and I said, "Can I have two orders of the quail eggs, please?" The server gave me this doubtful look and said, "So, four pieces?!? Because it's two pieces per order." I really wanted a lot but you can only have two orders of it. I eat more than five boiled quail eggs back home in one sitting. In fact I think I even eat more than ten. But trying to be decent, I said, "Okay, let's start with two pieces. One order it is then." So she went off and put in the order. And there I was happily expecting to get a tiny dish of two boiled quail eggs.

I was busy munching whatever we were munching when she put it on my side of the table and I bet you she saw my eyes bulge. It was so unexpected (for me, at least) that they were served raw on top of rice wrapped in seaweed. 

Needless to say, my husband couldn't stop laughing. I had to think hard that what I ate back home was worse (it's called balut - boiled duck eggs where you eat the whole egg with the little chick inside it). But I've never had raw eggs before. Luckily, quail eggs are tiny. I picked up my chopsticks, clamped the first quail egg with rice, and aimed the raw egg to shoot right through my throat.

It wasn't so bad. Sure, I tasted the yolk. It was just like when you eat a sunny side up and the yolk runs over your rice. But the part where I slightly tasted the "white" before it slipped through my throat was one that kind of threw me off a little bit. Like I said, luckily they were small or I probably won't even touch it.

I was still going to eat the second one but the raw egg dropped on my plate when one of the servers grabbed our dirty dishes. I got distracted, all right! Not even an excuse there. Right. 

After all these, and after all the many manly fist bumps I received from my husband, I remembered they were ONLY $0.50 cents each!!!!!!  I told him, "how could you just sit down there and make me eat something gross for only a dollar?!?" This is something we will always look back to and laugh about when we grow older. The eggs were not as gross as our "balut" but raw egg is foreign to me. 

Yep, never again will I order any egg from a sushi restaurant menu unless it clearly states SCRAMBLED or BOILED. Lesson learned. 

In total we had 4 or 5 sushi rolls, chicken teriyaki, yakitori, hamachi, the quail eggs, and mochi ice cream for fifty bucks. It would have been around ninety if it wasn't a buffet. Good dinner, good experience with foreign food, and good date night!

(For more photos, check out Yama Sushi's Yelp page. Lots of Yelp users uploaded pictures of their yummy food. Maybe next time I will try the seafood salad. It seems that a lof of customers liked that one, too).

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