September 18, 2013

New Stage of Stay-at-home Mommyhood

My mundane life bubble was popped in the 3rd of September when C started going to preschool. I am slowly getting my footing back again, and have constantly caught up with my journal. Not more than a week delayed (right now I am 3 days behind, haha!). I guess it's about time for another blog post.

See, I can't sleep right now that's why I'm here. I've been so accustomed to having my super handsome husband with me that when he's away for business trips, I find it hard to fall asleep.

Anyway, as of late my husband and I entered a new stage of parenthood. A new stage for me as a stay-home mom. I will not say "full-time" mom from now on, because every parent is a "full-time" parent, working or not. Our new stage is having a preschooler.

Sure, we did Joy School last year but it didn't feel like we had a kid in school because I took turns with the other moms teaching the children. This year, though, is school in a home-based preschool roughly about 9 miles away (10-min drive) from our home. The ratio is 4 children to 1 teacher. There's only one teacher, Miss S. (For my kid's and his classmate's protection, I will not mention the name of the school here).

Years ago, we decided not to send our kids to school until they turn 6 y.o. The decision was based on the book Jesse read about boys and school/academic stuff or something like that. I'm gonna have to ask him the title when he gets back.

Last year we signed up for Joy School because the moms went to the same Church with us, and C knew their children too. So basically it was all about him gaining more friends because in all honesty he didn't have much before he went to Joy School. For me it was more like a play date with learning.

C loves learning and meeting new people. We enrolled him to preschool for those same reasons, just supporting what he likes. And he is loving it. I didn't cry the first day of class because I knew he was going to have fun and I like it when he's happy and having fun with other people.

First day of Preschool.

Sometimes I still can't believe that we are now on that stage where we have a kid in school. That it has indeed started. It made me feel a lot more like a parent, especially when I started buying his school supplies. Or whenever he insists on trying to do things by himself. My baby, my sweet baby, is indeed growing up and there's nothing I can do to freeze time. All I can do is seize the moment and live in the now, encourage them and support them, do things with them, and be thankful for every moment I get to spend with them. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I am grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me this opportunity to raise His beloved children with my husband. I am filled with so much joy along with some stress here and there (haha!) on a daily basis & I will never trade it for anything. We love them, I love my family, and I love being a mother.


  1. It does go by quickly! I hope Caleb is having fun at preschool and that you are enjoying this new stage of mother hood.

  2. Caleb looks so cute! They do grow up fast, don't they. I know about that all too well:)

  3. Hi Lois! I'm Heather and I was hoping you could answer a question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!


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