March 14, 2014

Random Chatters

I haven't been blogging in a while. But today is different, and today I feel like blogging rather than doing anything else while my sons took their naps.

Chatter #1:

I was sweeping the kitchen floor after having cleaned the living room floor, when I heard my two little boys arguing and stomping their feet at each other. C climbed upstairs to let his steam out, while J stayed downstairs with me and continued ranting that his kuya is on time-out (he put his kuya on time-out... really?)

I think any parent have the urge in every fiber of their parental being to step in when the children argue and fight, but I also know some parents choose not to and let the children settle it themselves as long as they're safe. I followed that today (and I do in most days if their noise wasn't bothering me). I kept on cleaning and let them at it.

Soon enough, C went downstairs. His younger brother kept nagging at him that he should go upstairs, "Kuya time-out!" he says. "No, I'm not in time-out. I just went upstairs because I was angry with you! I'm still not playing with you!" said the elderly brother, and he proceeded to slide his tiny race cars down the seat of the slightly folded metal folding chair. Little J approached him and said, "You playing, kuya, you playing?" To which his older brother replied, "Yes, I am. Come race with me."

It tugged at my heart on how quickly they got along as quickly as they fought. Then right at that moment, a song from my Pandora station played. I let it sink in my head as the song went by, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away." I looked at my boys and just smiled, watching them play again together, with those big cheeks sticking out of their faces. They are my many rays of sunshine in this ugly desert I can't ever call home. Someday, a young lady will catch their attention. But for now I am the one, and wherever they may go, they will always be my sunshine.

Chatter #2:

As you all know by now, we are expecting baby #3. We haven't met my doctor yet, although I have an appointment set up for April (she was booked all the way til April when I called in February). No chosen name yet, as I've learned from our first experience that it kinda makes you get attached to the name and gender if you assume it so early. We already had a girl's name picked out for our first baby when we found out we were having a boy. Of course, I was happy. I wanted a boy as an eldest child. But somehow I felt I lost that little baby girl, too. Could be weird to some but that's how I felt. So I decided since then not to name the baby until we knew the gender.

We are all doing well. I am doing well. Like my last two pregnancies, it doesn't feel like I'm pregnant. Well, besides my obnoxious hormones, I don't feel pregnant. Belly bump's not quite there yet. But I can't wear my non-pregnancy jeans anymore. Here's to more waiting for April! I will post my face with the bump when I am ready, haha!

Chatter #3:

Will I ever be ready to potty train J? I think my husband is ready, but I'm not. Besides, I'll be the one who will be stuck doing it for the rest of the day. This is probably the 10th time I held off on it. I was planning to do it February. I have forgotten now what has changed my mind. Then last week was supposed to be the day we were going to do it, then I kept changing my mind to "wait til the spring break" and "wait til next week." It's just a lot harder to time it now than it was with C, because with C he didn't have any sibling that went to preschool so we were able to stay at home for as long as we needed as we potty trained him. With J, though, I am so torn because I want to do it now but I don't want to because of C's preschool schedule. I feel like it's going to take longer if we don't wait til spring break. But that's too long and too close to our anniversary where we most likely will have to go somewhere, and I don't like going anywhere when potty training. I guess we'll just wing it and see how it goes. J is aware, a little if not a lot, when he needs to/has gone to the "bathroom" so I guess that's a good thing?

It's been great to post something random again. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That is so sweet how they got along so quickly again! Precious!

    And I agree with you, I don't even start thinking of baby names until I know the gender. It just makes things easier that way. I mean, I have a hard enough time thinking of one good name for one gender, let alone a name picked out for the other gender! And yes I get too attached, too. Better off just waiting so it's easier to decide later.

    And good luck with the potty training!! I've thought about it for my girl, but I have no idea how to approach it while I'm nursing. I just imagine every time she needs to go, that I'm stuck on the couch with the baby. Plus, she seems to really, really hate the toilet at this moment. I guess that buys me some time. (: Let me know how it goes (whenever it happens, no pressure!).

  2. I love the song "You are my Sunshine", especially as it applies to all my little (and big) ones:) Lois, home is wherever your family is, even in the desert:) Ever since we have gone hiking near your home, I have a new appreciation for the beauty of the dessert, not the heat, but the beauty:)
    Can't wait to meet baby #3, and hear her name:)

  3. Love you! Love those boys! Love your "chatter" :D


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