April 14, 2014

Potty Training 2.0

We spent the last 4 days potty training J. And for the past 4 days, I've been beyond stressed and emotional about it all. I had this battle in my head to give up and try again later,  or to keep going because it will "click" sooner or later. Giving up is never my thing when it comes to parenting. And for this one I didn't want to giving up because I had this faith on J that he can do this.

I did pray for help when I was at my lowest of emotions one night. I asked to help me know what to do or how to do it among many other things. It may sound cheesy to some to pray for help with potty training. But most parents will understand that they can't always do everything on their own, especially something like a rite of passage as potty training. Most of the time in our daily lives of raising children, we need that Divine help. I also learned growing up and still hear it until now that there is no such thing as asking for a little help from our Heavenly Father. Remember when I wrote about my driver's license test? Yeah, I still stand firm in my belief that whatever we ask of Him and we do our part, if it is for our own good we will get it.

Well, what I've been getting was to try again later because J is just not ready. But it was confusing me with not wanting to give up. Today I was so stressed about it that it made me cry a lot. Maybe it had something to do with my pregnancy hormones as well, hehe! So I posted about my potty training stress in our private facebook group (moms) made by my friend, and they all said what I've been thinking about. To try again later. So for now, J is back on pull-ups because I'm still looking for his diapers at the moment, haha!.

J has certainly taught me a lot of things. For one is patience. LONG patience. LOVING patience. More kindness. More love. More understanding. More humility. We teach them that things don't always go their way. Well it goes the same way for us, too. He taught me that this weekend.
So now I will tuck away his three sticker-filled potty charts and write in my journal what this experience has taught me. It's only been four days but I learned so many things from it. I am so glad J was born to us. He fills our lives with more "color" and more variety and more fun.. and silliness. I will always be forever grateful for the things they teach me each day. Parenthood is tough but it really is so worth it.


  1. One day you will look back on this and laugh:) A 4-day time limit would have never worked for my kids, I know that much, haha! Little Batman will be potty-trained before you know it!

    1. Well I wasn't giving him just 4 days to get it. I was ready to let him take as long as he wants/needs to if he was ready, but seeing he's not ready for it is what made me made the decision to try again later. Not just because he's passed the 4-day time limit.


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