June 19, 2014

I'm Five

Hello there!

I turned five today!

I will be attending Kindergarten soon! My favorite things are still race cars. I love learning new things. I love to write and read. I love drawing as well as coloring. I like to show my little brother how to write, and trace numbers and drawings. I love to dance, especially dancing Jabbawockeez numbers. I love ice cream, raisins, waffles, peanut butter, bagel and cream cheese, spaghetti, candy, chocolate, peanuts, crackers, dried mangoes, and anything that is not GREEN. I still love to read. I love saying my prayers before eating and before going to bed. I love watching movies, especially animated movies like Legos.

When I grow up, I want to be a race car driver. My parents say I'm a good boy and I'm easy to take care of. Sometimes I still throw a tantrum at them but most of the time I obey what they say. I was told I'm a good helper, too.

I am excited to meet our little sister someday. And I am looking forward to celebrating my 5th birthday today!

Love, C

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  1. Happy Birthday, big 5 year old! We love you! XOXO


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