August 22, 2014



I turned three!

I had a simple birthday celebration with my family. My mom let me have some ice cream while my kuya was away with our Dad to his school orientation.

Then we had fun with the sprinklers in our backyard!

And then my mom made spaghetti - one of my favorites - for dinner. I devoured it, just like my kuya.

And then they sang the Happy Birthday song for me as my Dad brought out my cookies and cream pie.

And lastly, I opened my birthday gift from my Dad and Mom - a bubble-blowing lawn mower toy! (Fisher Price Bubble Mower) I love it so much! I'm glad mom got the right gift this time, haha!

I still love cuddling with my mom, especially in the mornings and while we watch some movies at home. I still like to destroy things and figure out why that happens - or how? I am interested in anything and everything that I don't have a particular favorite toy or thing to do. I like baths and showers and splashing in the water! And I looooooove FOOD! Recently I've taken an interest into singing all the time. Sometimes I even make up my own songs.

I like watching my kuya do his school things like reading his books, writing letters, numbers, and shapes. I'm excited for the day that I will be able to do it, too. I enjoy asking mom to draw me this or that (usually shapes). I still love climbing on things. I'm a happy little big boy!


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  1. Well, that is one happy three year-old! I love when he says "whoa" after blowing out his candle:) I thought of getting him that mower too, and I see I am too late for the sprinkler, haha!


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