My Bucket List

These are things (in random order) that I hope I'll be able to do before I die. I know I will add things to this list as well. The ones withouth the asterisk (*) are the ones I've done. If it has a link, you can click on it to view my blog post and/or photos about that experience. Enjoy!

Finish reading the Book of Mormon (Dec. 2005)
Get endowed (Apr. 25, 2008)
Snorkel (May 31, 2008)
Swim with a sea turtle (May 31, 2008)
Go back to Disneyland with my own family (July 7, 2010)
Attend my sister's wedding (June 25, 2011)
Get my driver's license (July 9, 2011)
Watch a live concert (October 13, 2012)
Go ice skating (Dec. 24, 2012)
Fly a kite (Apr. 06, 2013)
Go camping (Apr. 28-29, 2013)
Campfire smores (Apr. 29, 2013)
Run or walk a regular 5k (May 03, 2014)
* Visit the Yosemite National Park
* Vacation at Boracay
* Build a snowman
* Snow sledding
* Visit the Grand Canyon
* See a meteor rain
* Jump off of Waimea rock
* Go scuba diving with Jesse
* See dolphins in the wild (not in captivity)
* Swim with dolphins in the wild (even better)
* Air glide
* Hike the Stairway to Heaven
* Be close to a cheetah
* Finish reading the Old Testament
* Finish reading the New Testament
* Finish reading the Doctrine and Covenants
* Finish reading the Pearl of Great Price
* Skydive
* Scuba dive
* Safari in Africa
* Watch a Broadway show
* Visit Rome, Italy
* Take photography classes
* Take guitar lessons
* Paintball guns
* Go fishing
* Family picnic by a lake
* Ride in a helicopter
* Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando
* Attend a CHA Convention
* Travel around the United States with a truck and an RV with my husband (when we are finally empty nesters)
* Join a 5k color run or color vibe
* Library room
* Craft room